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Bajaj Finserv Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 04 May, 2021

Bajaj Finserv came to my campus offering a 6 months long semester internship. CSE was the only allowed branch. There were three roles for which they were hiring-

  • Data Engineer(Python)
  • React Developer
  • Salesforce Java

We had to choose one of the three roles while filling the application form. I chose the Data Engineer role in Python.

The next day we got a test link which was to be conducted on HackerEarth. The test had 3 sections – 

  1. 15 MCQs(on Python, SQL and MongoDB)
  2. 2 Coding Questions (One question was fairly easy but the other one was tricky, involved dynamic programming)
  3. 2 SQL questions where queries had to be written and executed (again the first one was easy but the second one was tricky)

Section 1: Mcq’s went well for me. Out of the 2 coding questions, I was able to completely run the easier question, and partially run the second one. Out of the 2 SQL queries, I made some silly mistakes in the easier one. So 1 out already. And I could run the other one too, so none of them worked for me.

Luckily I got selected for the interview. I was one among the other 35 shortlisted students out of a total of 60 students. Out of those 35 students, 12 students belonged to my category of Data Engineering interns. My interview went well enough. It was a 30-minutes interview. 

Firstly, like every normal interview, 

  1. I was asked to introduce myself and the projects that I had worked on.
  2.  Sir asked me some project-related questions. That went on for 15 minutes. 
  3. After that, I was asked to solve some SQL queries which I had to present my screen and write on an editor. I was given 4-5 intermediate level queries mainly on joins and union, intersection, and other clauses. It went well and that was it.

Technical Interview: I got shortlisted for the next interview round which happened on the same day 2-3 hours later during the afternoon. It was again a technical interview of a 30 minutes time duration. Out of 12, 4 students got shortlisted from the Data Engineering role including me. Surprisingly, it went pretty chill. That was the first interview where it did not feel like a question-answer thing, but more of a conversation happening.

  1.  Sir asked me about my projects and was majorly explaining to me things specific to the company. 
  2. One thing which he asked me, which was not even majorly technical was to explain what does a foreign key mean. He was looking for an in-depth explanation and what actually do we mean by using a foreign key. I explained to him nicely and he seemed impressed. 
  3. After that, we talked about my Github repositories and he was happy to see the amount of work that I had done, in different domains.

HR Round: After this round was over, I received a mail later during the evening congratulating me that I had cleared that round as well and the next round will be an HR one the next morning. I appeared for the HR round.

  1.  It was good, general I would say. HR rounds are more of a formality when an internship is concerned. So nothing to worry about that.

I would suggest the readers brush up on the basics of the domain/role you are choosing. If you have chosen data engineer as your role, focus more on database concepts and SQL queries.  

So yeah, that was pretty much all about my interview experience. I got a decent amount of stipend and a PPO offer based on the performance.   

Thanks for reading this and best of luck!

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