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Avaya Internship Interview Experience 2021

  • Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2021

I would like to share my Internship Interview Experience at Avaya 2021. This was an off-campus opportunity for 3 months internship.  It had 3 rounds. I applied through their global jobs portal. People say off-campus selection is a skill!

Total Duration: 30 Days

Round 1(Coding Round): This round was conducted on the TestGorilla platform, it had 5 sections. These sections were as follows:

  1. Time Management Questions: Easy section but one has to think properly and answer.
  2. Communication Skills and Behavioral Questions: Again easy section but one has to think properly and answer.
  3. Advanced Queries on DBMS: Here I was given some database tables and had to write few advanced queries for performing operations. I solved it.
  4. Programming Question in JavaScript: which I was not able to solve completely, as I was not familiar with JS syntax and no language change was allowed.
  5. Programming Question in Python: Being using python widely, I solved it quite faster.

This lasted around 90 minutes. (I don’t remember exactly)

Round 2(Technical Interview): The interviewer asked about my previous internships and projects in great depth. 

  • There were many machine learning and web-development questions as I had most things based on these in my resume.
  • He asked me some algorithms, some questions on operating systems and most questions were on computer networks. This was the toughest round according to me.
  • It lasted for around 35 minutes.

Tip: Most of the time it happens that there are things we know, but can not put in a proper way to explain, one has to take care of this.

Within a week I got an email for HR Round, I was super happy.

Round 3(HR & Management Round): All the questions here were behavioral questions and some situations were given. 

  • I was asked what would I do, etc.
  • Other questions included strengths, weaknesses, dream company, etc.
  • The interviewer was from Singapore and was super polite, he did not make me feel as if it was an interview but just small talk.

Tip: Focus on behavioral questions if you aren’t more familiar with them. 

It lasted for exactly 27 minutes.

Result: Selected

After a week, I heard back! I was so happy knowing I will be interning at such a product-based company in my third year from tier-2 college. I received a call from the ASEAN Avaya team from the Philippines regarding the responsibilities, compensation, my reporting headquarter (I worked with Singapore team ) and other things.  The best thing was they selected only 2 candidates from south Asian region, and I was one of them!

Hope you find this helpful. All the very best!

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