Atlassian On-Campus Interview Experience

Round 1:Coding Round

The first round comprised of 3 coding questions on HackerRank to be done in 90 minutes. I felt that all three questions were standard coding round questions. All 3 could be done in the given time frame. All those who did 2 questions + around 80% of the test cases for third were shortlisted (around 40 shortlists).

I suggest to practice for this round from InterviewBit, GeeksforGeeks, LeetCode or any other similar platform.

Round 2:Technical Interview

1) Tell me about yourself.

2) Discussion on projects. This discussion was very thorough. Be very careful on what you say. They can pick any word you say and ask questions around it.

I had a ranked retrieval project which was discussed for around 40-45 minutes. They asked me about how google worked and how will I handle scaling, which data structures to use and why. It is my recommendation to at least do system design from InterviewBit or similar platform to get some sense of what is expected in System Design questions.

A brief discussion followed about the remaining projects.

This interview is very different from other software engineering interview as they didn’t ask any DSA, OOP, OS etc. Also, they gave different scenarios based on the project discussion expected you to come with creative answers along with proper explanations. It was a 90-120 minute interview and was very exhausting.

Round 3: HR/Managerial Interview (60 minutes approx.)

Again projects were discussed but from a managerial perspective. Expect questions like:

Did you face any problems working in a team?

What did you learn?

How could you do it better?

Round 4: Technical Interview (15-20 minutes)

Main focus was on DBMS. Questions from normal forms, ER diagrams, joins excetra can be expected.

5 people were finally selected and unfortunately I wasn’t one of those.


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