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Aspire Systems Interview Experience | On-Campus

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The process took two days 1st day with the written round and the 2nd day with the Hr round

Round 1: [Written Round] 

We had 10 Quans and 10 tech aptitude. If you manage to get 15 or more you’ll be selected to the next round.

Im a person who failed the whole time with the Quans, but love to solve tech apti.

This time I made sure that atleast 9 out of 10 should be cleared in tech apti’s and I cleared them completely

Results were announced around 8 pm. I got shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2:  [Technical HR]

The next day which became my first ever HR interview .It was nervous at starting.There were so many people which made me and my friends to wait for a long time.

I was called for my first HR round. Dressed neatly went gently into the room there were three people around me, we were given with questions and problems to do simultaneously.

Question 1 : ‘TELL ME ABOUT  YOURSELF’  – As this is a technical round I dint spoke anything personal just added points about my technical stuff. As a point I included my area of interest as Data structure.

Question 2 : ‘ Data Structures ! Are you sure ? ‘ – Yes sir (Confidently i gave an attempt)

At the moment i knew that my questions will be in DS.

Question 3: He asked me to write Binary search in an array

I wrote the code and showed him, he was okay with that

Question 4 : Write algo for parenthesis checker for round braces. show to me and then implement with the code.

I wrote the algorithm with stack DS (This is a popular interview question), showed him and continued with the code.

He  checked that with multiple test cases and my code passed all of them.

Question 5 : Write Bubble sort algorithm.

I wrote and he got satisfied

After coming out of the 1st round i felt good that my 1st ever Hr round went well 🙂

(You can also expect Quans questions to be asked..)

Eventually got shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3: [Technical HR]

As soon I entered the room I found the interviewer was strict and a bit scared of his handling with the other interviewees.

They have a sheet consisting all of your previous round activities and will be asking questions with respect to your performance in the previous sessions.

Question 1 : What is Runtime polymorphism ?

I gave answer.

Question 2 : write code for Runtime polymorphism… (After showing the code) Where is runtime polymorphism applied here ?

I answered all his questions.

Question 3 : write a code ….. It should check for odd if not ask again for the input and repeat

with the given odd number print the pattern.

Yes a pattern printing problem which will definitely have medium level difficulty.

Some got easy patterns too..

he gave time and I made sure that no mistakes were there, as he was strict in his decisions.

The Interviewer was checking line by line and finally gave a positive sign

He Further added some more OOPS basics questions

The following link will be enough to answer all those questions…

I answered all of them and he got satisfied with my performance

Asked me to wait outside.

I got selected for the final round.

Round 4 : [general HR]

Be confident with the contents on the RESUME.

Prepare yourself with a positive intend. This is the only round where you already know the questions

The questions I got are :

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • About parents and background of your family
  • your plan for next 5 years
  • The difficulties you came across
  • About Aspire …
  • Situation based questions

As I’m from ECE he added why IT ?

No Artificial answers could help you in this round, the only thing to be followed here is  Genuinity.

Be yourself in this round, that is expected.

After an hour they announced the results

Happily I got selected in Aspire systems   🙂

Hopes this one helps ! Thanks for your time



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Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2019
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