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Top 10 Applications of Robotics in 2024

Last Updated : 23 Feb, 2024
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The year 2024 promises to be a pivotal year for robotics, with advancements blurring the lines between science fiction and reality. Robots are no longer confined to factory floors; they’re invading diverse fields, transforming industries, and enriching our lives.


There are many jobs in industries like manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, etc. which require boring repetitive work that also requires a lot of precision. In such situations, robots are better suited than humans because they are precise, intelligent, and don’t get bored like humans! There are also tasks like space and underwater exploration that are very dangerous and unsafe for humans.

Let’s dive into the top 10 applications of robotics in 2024:

Top 10 Applications of Robotics in 2024

1. Security

One of the top applications of robotics is in the field of security. Imagine a world where all security guards are robots. Even thieves would think twice before committing a crime! That’s why robotics is being considered as a solution to enhance security measures. Robots can serve as security agents, protecting humans without being vulnerable to danger like human security guards.

One prominent company leading the way in this field is Knightscope in the United States. They have developed autonomous security robots equipped with cutting-edge features to assist human security guards effectively. These robots are capable of providing real-time, actionable intelligence, helping to prevent and address various crimes such as armed robberies, burglaries, domestic violence, fraud, hit-and-runs, and more.

2. Space Exploration

Many things in space are very dangerous for astronauts to do. Humans can’t roam on Mars all day to collect soil samples or work on repairing a spaceship from the outside while it’s in deep space! In these situations, robots are a great choice because there are no chances for the loss of human life. So space institutions like NASA frequently use robots and autonomous vehicles to do things that humans can’t. This can be one of the top applications of robotics.

For example, Mars Rover is an autonomous robot that travels on Mars and takes pictures of Martian rock formations that are interesting or important and then sends them back to Earth for NASA scientists to study.

3. Entertainment

Another top application of robotics is robots are also a big draw in the entertainment industry. While they cannot exactly become actors and actresses, they can be used behind the sets in movies and serials to manage the camera, provide special effects, etc. They can be used for boring repetitive tasks that are not suitable for a human as cinema is, after all, a creative industry. Robots can also be used to do stunt work that is very dangerous for humans but looks pretty cool in an action movie. Theme parks like Disney World are also using autonomous robots to enhance the magical experience of their customers.

4. Agriculture

Agriculture is the sector that is the basis of human civilization. However, agriculture is also a seasonal sector that is dependent on ideal weather conditions optimal soil, etc. One of the top applications of robotics in agriculture is for harvesting crops. Robotic harvesters streamline the harvesting process, allowing farmers to complete tasks more efficiently. An exemplary robot used for weed removal in farms is the Ecorobotix. This innovative robot is powered by solar energy and equipped with a sophisticated camera system. It precisely targets and sprays weeds, minimizing the need for manual labor and chemical usage while optimizing crop health.

5. Health Care

One of the top applications of robotics is robots have changed healthcare a lot. And all for the better! They can help doctors in performing operations more precisely, be used as prosthetic limbs, provide therapy to patients, etc. The possibilities are limitless. One example of this is the da Vinci robot that can help surgeons in performing complex surgeries relating to the heart, head, neck, and other sensitive areas. Other robotic devices are created like exoskeletons that can be used to provide additional support for people undergoing rehabilitation after spinal injuries, strokes, etc.

6. Underwater Exploration

Robots are a great option for exploring places that humans cannot reach easily, like the depths of the ocean! There is a lot of water pressure deep in the ocean which means humans cannot go that down and machines such as submarines can only go to a certain depth as well.

A deep underwater is a mysterious place that can finally be explored using specially designed robots. These robots are remote-controlled, and they can go into the depths of the ocean to collect data and images about aquatic plant and animal life.

7. Food Preparation

Don’t want to cook? Don’t worry, some robots can even cook and create complete meals for you! This can be a top application of robotics for people who don’t like to cook. These robot chefs can create food using hundreds of different recipes. Moley Robotics is one such robotics company that has created a robotic kitchen with a robot that can cook like a master chef! So no worries if you can’t cook food. Because now a robot can!

8. Manufacturing

One of the top applications of robotics in the manufacturing industry is automating repetitive tasks. Many repetitive and common tasks in the manufacturing industry don’t require any usage of the mind like welding, assembly, packing, etc. These tasks can be easily done by robots while leaving the mentally challenging and creative tasks to humans. These robots can be trained to perform these repetitive and monotonous tasks with precision under the guidance and supervision of a human. This option is also best for manufacturing processes that are dangerous and may be harmful to humans.

9. Military

Applications of Robotics in the military can be vast. They can be used as drones to keep surveillance on the enemy, they can also be used as armed systems to attack the opposing forces or as Medicare agents to help friendly forces.

Some of the popular robots used in the Military sector include MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System) which looks like a tank and contains tear gas and lasers to confuse enemies and even a grenade launcher for desperate situations. DOGO is also a tactical combat robot that has a camera for spying on the activities of the enemy and a 9-millimeter pistol for emergencies!

10. Customer Service

Some robots are developed to look exactly like humans for cosmetic purposes. These robots are primarily used in the field of customer service in high-visibility areas to promote robotics.

One such example is Nadine, a humanoid robot in Singapore that can recognize people from previous visits, make eye contact, shake hands, continue chatting based on previous meetings, etc. Another customer service robot is Junko Chihira in Japan, a humanoid robot working at the tourist information center in Aqua City Odaiba, a shopping center on Tokyo’s waterfront.


Now you have seen the various applications of robots in different industries. Robots can do all the physically demanding tasks that are difficult or impossible for humans, and they are even becoming smarter and smarter with the advances in artificial intelligence. All in all, robots can be the perfect helper for humans and solve many problems in different industries.

Top 10 Applications of Robotics in 2024- FAQs

Will robots take my job?

Not necessarily! Robots are more likely to automate repetitive tasks, freeing humans for more creative and strategic work.

Are robots safe?

Most robots are designed with safety in mind, especially those that work alongside humans. However, it’s important to be aware of their capabilities and limitations.

Can robots think for themselves?

Not yet! While AI is advancing, robots still rely on humans for programming and decision-making.

Will robots become evil like in the movies?

That’s highly unlikely! Robots are tools, and like any tool, they can be used for good or bad. It’s up to us humans to ensure they’re used responsibly.

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