Appdynamics Internship Interview Experience

Appdynamics came to our college for internships in SDE profile. Around 100+ students were shortlisted for online test.

Online test consists of 15 MCQs and 3 Coding questions in 90 minutes.

MCQs were around algorithms (sorting, search), SQL and basic aptitude.

there was 3 coding questions –

  1. Super Easy – create a new linked list from a given linked list which consists even numbers of given list.
  2. Easy – Given a array, some operation based
  3. Medium – Given n sentences, consists spaced words. Then you are given q queries with some combination of words. You have to tell which of the 1-n sentences consist those words.

After that 16 students were shortlisted for personal interview.

It was a skype interview. They gave the link to write code.

Round 1: Started with basic introduction and how was the day.

Then he asked me some questions from my resume like why you used webpack over gulp, why MQTT is better for messaging (Ans – QoS).

After that he asked me to  print the top view of a tree and interview end with have any question. It was Sunday so I asked about something him and his review about company and interns expectation.
Interviewer was very friendly and helped me a lot for solving question.

After that 6 students were selected

Round 2: Technical Manager Round

  1. Introduction
  2. Tell what was your most challenging task in technical field
  3. About resume and previous experience

Then he asked me to ask anything. He was a 21+ year exp. guy and expecting good questions. I suggest you that ask good questions, it make some impression.
I asked about how your company do this X stuff with Y tech, how team handle these tasks, quality of interns project and more.

Thank you


I am very very thankful to GFG because of this platform, I got selected for internship. Thank you GFG contributors and GFG team.

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