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Amazon Interview | Set 93

  • Last Updated : 20 Jun, 2019

I have just completed a full interview with Amazon and wanted to give back to GeeksForGeeks my experience because it has helped me so so much to go through it.

1st phone interview
Why Amazon?
How do you find out the cause of a slow UI request?
Write function to convert a stream of incoming characters to an integer.
Write function to convert one character to one digit number.

2nd phone interview
Get nth to last element
Check if 2 binary trees are equal recursively and iteratively

On-site interview
1st interview
Write a url shortner. Design scalable architecture that host this service.

2nd interview
Array vs linked list. Rest vs Soap. What is a hashtable? Write code to handle hashtable collisions?

3rd interview (lunch)
Situation where you missed a deadline.
What are you proud of the most in your career?
Situation on how you handled conflict.
Other behaviour questions

4th interview
Why Amazon?
Build a clone of a binary tree sent from a different machine
5th interview
Design and implement algorithm to find the shortest path from start to finish of a maze.

I thank GeeksForGeeks for all the help it gave me.

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