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Amazon Interview | Set 79 (For SDE-1)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 26 Jun, 2020
Geek Week

I have 8 months of experience and I recently appeared for interview of Amazon for role of SDE-I.

Written Round:
Q1: Convert a binary tree to DLL.
Q2: Given a random node address in Singly linked list. Delete that node.

You need to write full code in the language of any choice with all the edge cases covered.

Interview 1:
Q1: Given a sorted array and a number and element K. find K nearest elements to the number in sorted array.

Q2: MsExcel columns has a pattern like
A B C … Z
A has code 1
Z has code 26
AA has code 27
AAA has code 626
given a number return a column name as string

Interview 2:
Q1: Given 4 YouTube servers which are processing user requests.
i> At any given time If someone requests for currently running videos, then return the number of videos running at a time.
ii> Which server will actually get the request?
iii> How the servers will communicate with each other?
iv> Other methods to do this task to reduce overhead on servers?
v> How many videos running given a time constraint?

Q2: Given a binary tree and each node has an extra next pointer apart from left and right. Connect all the nodes using next pointer in Zig-Zag Manner.

Interview 3:
Q1: Discussion about project in current company.

Q2: Given a shared memory between multiple threads, how will you ensure safe access to memory in different scenarios like reading and writing? If at thr point of writing there are multiple read requests from threads how pending requests can be managed.

Q3: Given an array that has positive numbers and negative numbers and zero in it. You need to separate the negative numbers and positive numbers in such a way that negative numbers lies to left of zero and positive numbers to the right and the original order of elements should be maintained

Interview 4:
Q1: Discussion about current project in company.
Q2: Why you want to leave your current company?
Q3: Why Amazon?
Q4: Which phone you have
Q5: Which one will you buy next
Q6: given a function with signature

bool isFactorialDivisible( int x, int y)
Return true if x! is divisible by y
else return false

After 3 days I got the confirmation call.

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