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Amazon Interview | Set 73 (For SDE-1)

  • Last Updated : 19 Jun, 2019

I have been interviewed for SDE1 by amazon. Here are the questions.

1st Round – Online Coding
1. Contiguous elements in an array whose sum is k.
2. Convert sorted array to binary search tree.

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2nd Round – Telephonic
1. Implement stack with Push, Pop, GetMin and GetMax in constant time. Algo + Code
2. Given a matrix, sorted both horizontally and vertically, algo and code for finding an element in it. Algo
3. Given a stream of characters, convert it to a sentence with valid words. Assume you have a function IsWord which returns true if the passed string is a word. He asked me to write code and mail him. Algo + Code
Ex: Iamgoodboy – I am good boy

3rd Round – Telephonic
1. Given an array of characters, find the longest continuous non-repeating sequence of characters. Algo + Code
Ex: aabcdefdghiajk – efdghiajk
I have given a hash based solution, so he asked me to write a custom hashfunction and how to handle collisions.
2. Find the next largest palindrome number of the given number. Algo + Code
Ex: 120 -121, 123 – 131

4th Round – InHouse technical round
1. Find the mirror image of a binary tree. Algo + Code
2. Given a string, find the largest repetitive sequence. Algo + Code
Ex: abcdefbcd – bcd, banana – ana

5th Round – InHouse technical round
1. Given a string, remove ‘a’, ‘bc’ from the string and print theresult. Algo + Code
Ex: asdbc – sd
2. You will be receiving an infinite sequence of numbers continuouslyand at any particular moment find the 10 largest ten numbers receivedtill now. Algo

6th Round – Bar raiser round
1. Given a graph, find the nodes which are at less than k distancefrom the given node.Continuation: find all the nodes which are less than k distance from m
nodes. Algo + Code
2. Implement a queue using an array. All base conditions. Code
3. Given a very big array of millions of integers, find sum of all the elements.
Parallel processing and threads is the answer. Threads concept,
synchronisation and so many of it.
4. OS concepts – virtual memory, paging, process states, paging algos.
5. In detailed explanation of projects done till date.

7th Round – Manager Round
Asked dilemma situation. Any process development work, work experience and all.

geeksforgeeks helped me to refresh all kinds of topics. Thank you.

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