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Amazon Interview | Set 46 (On-campus for Internship)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Jun, 2019

20 MCQ on basics of C, OS, Networking + 2 Coding.
1) Left view of Binary Tree.
2) Rotate a matrix by 90 degree.

Interview (Round-1)
1. You have to find p,q of matrix p*q such that it fill n elements(n given) Such that
a) matrix should be nearest to a square matrix and
b) 0<=((p*q)-n)<=2 2. Zig-zag traversal of tree

3. You are given an array of length k and it have numbers from 0 to n (where k>>>n) in O(n) time and no extra space find occurrences of each element in O(n) time only

1. You are given row and column wise sorted matrix you have to find and delete an element such that it is still sorted in O(n) time.

2. Find if sum of any 2 elements in an array equal to k in O(n) time using extra space.

3. In a BST to every element add sum of elements greater than it.
Result –> Got Selected from Campus Internship Interviews.

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