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Amazon Interview | Set 44 (For Internship)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Jun, 2019

The written round was relatively easy. It contained 20 multiple choice questions on basic c, algorithms and finite automata. Some questions from OS and networking were there too but were easy. Coding questions were:

  1. Find the nodes of the tree as seen from the left view of the binary tree.
  2. Rotate the given matrix by 90 degrees i.e. the first row becomes the last column and second row becomes the second last column and so on.

Interview round 1:
Two questions were asked. One puzzle and the other coding question.

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  1. Given n coins for two players playing a game. Each player picks coins from the given n coins in such a way that he can pick 1 to 5 coins in one turn and the game continues for both the players. The player who picks the last coin looses the game. You have to tell that for given n coins who looses the game?
  2. Given a number n, find the number just greater than n using same digits as that of n.

Interview round 2:

  1. Given in facebook find an efficient way to find the mutual friends between you and one of your given friends.
    Hint: hashing, dictionary data structure implementation
  2. For two very long numbers given, find the product of these numbers in an efficient way.
    Hint: using binary multiplication effectively.

    Finally I got internship offer from them….:)

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