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Amazon interview Experience | Set 412 (SDE II)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2019

Overall process time : 2 months(Sep’17 to Nov17)
Overall 60+ people
Total Rounds : 6
Overall Difficulty : 2.5 – 3
Round 1:
(3 codes on paper )

  • Given a set of yesterday Amazon stock prices {2, -3, 5, 8, 1}
    Write a code to buy and sell those stocks at maximum profit.  Before sell, you must buy it at minimum price.        There should be one minute gap between buy and sell. Gain maximum profit by buying and selling 1 unit (very simple need to find min and max, I did it using thread join) GeeksforGeeks Link
  • Convert a BST to a sum tree
  • Given a 1D Array. Return True if there exists an element where a[i]+a[j] = 0 && i!=j. Reference : Find Pair Given Difference
    Input: arr=(2,-3,4,1,-6,-4,1}
    Output: True
    Input: arr={2,3,4,1,-6,4,1}
    Output: False

Round 2:

  • Regular Expression parser like finite state automata
    Example: a*, aab*, abcb*c, ba*.c*, a.b, a*b etc etc and edge cases
  • Design a ranking system. We have an infinite supply of words ending with ‘.’ We need to implement a reader program that ranks words on the basis of certain criteria
    •           Example:   This is my cat.
    •           This house belongs to my uncle
    •           An amazing country with so many tourist places And so on..
  • Ranking System criteria : rank the words on the basis of occurrence, for example
    Output : This:2, is:2, my:2… highest rank (sorted asc or desc based on  provided flag)
    Design it completely and scalable Ranking System.
  • Design a debugger
  • Round 3:

    • Explain your greatest accomplished project and what big you achieved? – Details of flow and architecture
    • Find a longest palindrome String
    • Design Amazon Cart System. (HLD and LLD ) Discussion on solution.

    Round 4:

    • Given a Binary Tree, Replace every node with its larger Same as sum tree GeeksforGeeks
    • Print min & max (both) of all sub array of size k
       Reference :
    • Given an integer array and find first k largest elements. Focus was on complexity of the code GeeksforGeeks Link
    • Given an integer array and an integer value X, return three elements in that array such that sum of them equals to X. GeeksforGeeks Link

    This was the last round for the day as team had to return to Bangalore. HR shortlisted me along with other two candidates.  Due to Diwali they were falling short of staff for managerial rounds, So it look a month for other two rounds which happened in their Gurgaon office on VC

    Round 5:

    Bar Raiser: (Duration : 1.15 hours)

    • Tell me about yourself
    • What were the important projects you have worked on
    • What was your contribution
    • Explain Architecture, Design and detailed discussion
    • What were challenges you faced and how did you solve them
    • Design a notification system “In Shorts”

    Round 6:

    Hiring Manager : (Duration : 1.15 hours)

    • Introduction & very detailed project discussion

    Behavioral Questions –

    • Did you encounter any conflicts with colleague or manager and how did you solve them
    • Have you ever delivered more than expectations
    • Have you ever completed project before deadline
    • Have you have handled a client/customer efficiently and what did you
    • Did you ever design a system/process
    • What were the most critical projects you have worked on
    • How did you handle a critical situation or helped a colleague
    • Tell me about a time when you had to work on a project with unclear responsibilities
    • Have you mentored someone? What were challenges you faced and how did you resolve
    • What important technical decisions did you take and how did it help your team?
    • Why Amazon

    I recommend GeeksForGeeks for technical coding rounds, for design and for behavioral.

    Pretty much covers all the details. They announced result after a week and I was selected 🙂

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