Amazon Interview Experience | Set 400 (For SDE 2)

Round 1 : Telephonic

  1. Serialize – Deserialize a binary tree
  2. Rotate a M*N matrix by k elements in place.

Round 2 : Hiring Manager ( F2F )

  1. General introduction about team and work.
  2. Discussion on my project.
  3. Design a Music Player application [ many use cases were covered ] eg : support for SD card
    All class diagrams were required on a whiteboard

Round 3 : DS Algo Round

  1. Topological Sorting
  2. Rearrange a given linked list in-place

Round 4 : DS Algo Round
Detailed discussion on project

  1. Gold Mine Problem
  2. Vertical Sum in a binary tree

Round 5 : System Design Round

  1. Detailed discussion of project
  2. Design a Distributed LRU Cache
  3. Design Gmail – consider scalability , redundancy, brief discussion on CAP Theorem, class diagrams,
    Database schema ( SQL vs NOSQL) , how to handle attachments

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