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Amazon interview experience | Set 396 (For SDE-2)
  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2019

Round 1:-

Design JProfiler. How will you design datastructure and why, function stacktrace. HLD+LLD
Design Cricket Score Board HLD+LLD

Round 2:-

Design DataStructure Insert, Delete, Search, findMin, findMax, DeleteMin, DeleteMax with minimal complexity. How will you tradeoff multiple operation to support mutiple operation. Classes should be extensible , if you are using some data structure to support these operation.

Design Multiplayer Chess Board Game LLD only, without drawing HLD.

Round 3
Algo+Problem Solving

1) WildCard Matching, slight change * is replaced by +. Cover all corner cases. Write Code.They checked line by line.
2) Copy linked list with random pointer with using O(1) space. Approach only
3) Calculate Top K frequent number from the running stream of data.

Round 4
Lots of behavioral question.
1) Design a Fresh Grocery System. Means Daily usable Items, you cannot store them in inventory like bread, milk etc.
HLD+ DB Schema + Concurrency issues + Scalable architecture. How will you scale to multiple countries
2) Design an Online tracking system, similar to how you can track your order on swiggy after you place it on maps.

Round 5
Behavioral Questions
Full Project Discussion
Design Recommendation system. How will you generate generate recommendations for millions of users. DB Schema, How will you improve latency? if the user is searching a item, when will you show next recommendations. How will you update, latency basically and consistency.

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