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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 345 (For SDE-1)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 09 Jul, 2019

Round 1: Onsite, Design

  1. Design an online file repository system
  2. What are the use cases
  3. Features
  4. Security
  5. HLD
  6. LLD

Round 2: Onsite, Algo

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  1. Detailed discussion on projects. My contributions to project.
  2. nth Fibonacci number in O(n).
  3. Data Structure with O(1) time for:
    get(key) :value
    set(key, value)
    getRandom() :key

Round 3: Onsite, Algo

  1. Merge two balanced binary search trees into one balanced binary search tree.
  2. Given an array of 0 and 1, in how many iterations the whole array be filled with 1s if in a single iteration immediate neighbor of 1 can be filled.
  3. Given a binary matrix, fill the row and column of any cell containing 1 with 1’s in O(n^2) time without extra space.

Round 4: Telephonic, Hiring Manager

  1. Detailed discussion on projects.
  2. Interviewer was trying to find a fit with amazon leadership principles( with several behavioral questions.
  3. What was the most challenging project.
  4. What did you do in case of immediate deadline.
  5. What did you do in case of disagreement with your manager.

Round 5: Telephonic, Bar raiser

  1. Very detailed discussion on my projects
  2. Give an example in your work where you exceeded expectations
  3. Design an analytics system

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