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Amazon Interview Experience | Set 277 (On-Campus for Internship)

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Recently Amazon visited our campus for interns and placements. For interns it consisted of 1 online + 2 technical rounds.

Online:(90 mins)
20 MCQ’S based mainly on sorting, OS,Networks
2 coding questions:
1. Given a number find the next greatest number formed with same digits

2. Find the largest increasing sequence in an array

Round 1:(40 mins)
The round started with discussion on projects,my strengths for first 20 mins
Then he asked me to write full working code covering all edge cases for
1) Finding nth node from end of linked list
2) Deleting nth node from end of linked list

Round 2:(45 mins)
1. Find the last non-repeating integer in a stream of integers in O(1) time complexity

Practice Amazon Interview Questions.

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Last Updated : 05 Jul, 2019
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