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Amazon Interview Experience | SDE-1 (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 06 Jan, 2020
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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE – 1 Off campus Drive Hyderabad Location.
2019 passed out.

Round 1:(Online Coding Round)

This is a Hackerearth test, it consist of 20 MCQ majorly form DS, OS, CN and OOPS and few output questions and 2 programming questions.


Above round is of 90 min. After some day I received a mail from HR that I was shortlisted for onsite rounds.

Round 2: (Face to face interview)

In this round 2 questions were asked which I have to be answered in 70 min and also write code for them on paper.

  1. First question was to reverse the link list with size of K.                                                                                  

2. Given a array break the array into three sub-array by removing 2 elements of it, in such a way that all three sub-array have same sum. O(n) Time Complexity and O(1) space complexity.                                                                                  eg. A->[1, 1, 1, 4, 2, 1, 5, 3]                                                                                                                                                                       Output-  [1, 1, 1] [2, 1] [3]  here if we remove 4 and 5 we left with 3 sub-array with same sum.


Round 3:(Face to face interview)

In this also 2 questions were asked and also i have to write code for them on paper.

1. Given a string print the largest sub-string containing vowels in even counts.O(n)                                                                 eg. S-> aqwrteakjeaghev , answer->aqwrteakje  as it contain 2 ‘a’ and 2 ‘e’.                                Second in same question he want me to print all sub-string if multiple sub-strings are possible of same length.



Round 4:(Face to face interview)

Interviewer start with discussion about my current profile work and also with a short discussion on my project(College Project). Then he asked me to design a algo for how to maintain server-load with load Balancer.(Not able to answer it basically he want to answer something like round robin type algorithm.)[This question was ask on the basis of my current work]

Now he jump to coding questions.

  1. Given a data made up of BST which is dynamic(i.e nodes keep on adding as the user enter new details) he want me to convert that BST to Complete tree.[Have a healthy discussion on it about 10-15 min i gave him solution with rotations like in AVL and ultimately at end he agreed with a solution consist of in-order which run on the Batch basis.].Then he told me to code the function which take tree as input and return root by changing it to complete tree.
  2. Second he asked for a given a number ‘n’, print how many valid parenthesis strings containing ‘(‘ or ‘)’ are possible of that length. I told its an application of Catalan Number then he want me to write a code to generate nth Catalan number without using formula basically he want me to write the Dynamic version of it. []

Luckily i was able to write both codes in this round and after all 3 onsite rounds HR told me that i also have 1 more round i.e Bar Raiser round and she will share the detail via mail.


Round 5:(Bar Raiser)[On video call]

This round is with a very Senior person having 15+ years of experience, Interview started with his introduction, and then my introduction. Then he asked me my role in my current team and also want me to explain a situation in which i perform something which is completely different from my current role.[This is basically a Behavioural question so answer such question on the basis of there Leadership Principle.]

Then he jump to coding part.

  1. Given a number in form of link list we have to add one to that number and update the link list  accordingly.         eg. 123 is store like 1->2->3  and adding 1 to 123 it become 124 so we have to update the list to 1->2->4.                 O(n) time and with O(1) extra space without reversing without recursion.
  2. Given a playlist of songs we have to shuffled that playlist.[Basically an application of]

After 2 weeks i received a call from HR saying that Amazon is releasing an offer of SDE1 for me.



  1. In all rounds you will be asked to write a production level code so be prepared for that.[But In first two round of face to face if your code is not perfect in one go and interviewer found 1, 2 corner cases which may fail in it the you may got a chance to correct it, all depend on the interviewer not sure about 3rd round as in my case i was able to write perfectt code in one go]
  2. In any round if you stuck, discuss it with interviewer as they definitely help you on that.
  3. But in the last round i.e with BAR Raiser make sure to write complete code and moreover your code should be production ready i.e if he/she will able to find any case which fail in your code then there will be chance of rejection as he/she only read your code and said ok thats it for the day any questions for me and finished your interview, so make sure to write a perfect code before submitting to him.      [As one of my friend got rejected in Bar Raiser as he was not able to complete code]
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