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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE-1 | 7 Months Experienced

Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2021
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Online Round:

  1. Question-related to the priority queue
  2. Simple Ad Hoc question

Round 1(Chime Interview): Taken by SDE 2 (1 hour, 15 mins)

  1. There are N bubbles in an array. A bubble with a positive value means it’s moving towards the right and has a mass of absolute value of A[i]. Similar to a negative value, it’s moving towards the left with a mass of absolute A[i]. On the collision of any two bubbles, the bubble with lesser mass vanishes. If the mass of colliding bubble is the same, both of them vanish.
    Given an array, print the resultant array after all the collision happens.
  2. Find an element in rotated sorted array.
  3. Theoretical questions from OS, OOPS, and Computer Networks.
  4. Why do you prefer C++, which is faster, C++ or Java?

Round 2(Chime Interview): Taken by SDE 2 (1 hour)

  1. Given a string as an input perform Q queries of the following type:
    1 1 char – Insert char at the front of the string
    1 2 char – Insert char at the end of the string
    2 – Reverse the string
    Had to print the final string after Q queries.
  3. Discussion about my past projects

Round 3(Chime Interview): Taken by Software Manager (1 hour)

  3. Why Amazon, Why leaving current organization in 6 months, What do you bring to the table?
  4. Discussion about my projects.

Round 4(Chime Interview): Taken by Software Manager (45 mins)

  1. Discussion about my projects.
  2. Leadership/Behavioral questions.
  3. Given N queries of type :

    C – Create a folder with the smallest missing positive integer starting from 1.

    D X – Delete a folder having name X

    Input               Output
    C                     1
    C                     2
    C                     3
    C                     4
    C                     5
    D                     2                  
    D                     4
    C                     2
    C                     4
    C                     6

While answering any coding question, firstly you need to tell your approach. Support your approach with some test cases so that it’ll be easy to convey.
Secondly, they want to code for all questions. Make your code is free from all the bugs, and you have covered all the corner cases. Try to convey what you are writing, why particular Data Structure etc while you write your code. If time permits, dry run your code in your head first then explain it to them.
If stuck, don’t be nervous, they will provide you with hints.

Verdict: Selected 🙂 

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