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Amazon Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 26 Nov, 2020

Round 1: Around 10 easy level questions on debugging.

Then 2 coding questions

  • Longest Palindromic Substring
  • Variation of closest K pair. You just have to identify the question.

3-behavioral type questions around 50

Round 2(Interview on Amazon Chime): I had lost all the hopes of an interview? Because there was no notice for further rounds. After the amount the notice came. I was one of the students who was selected for interviews.

At the time of the Interview, my internet connection got cut. HR called me and reschedule my interview. At the time of the interview, there was a problem in earphones. The interviewer was not able to hear me properly. He gave me some time and I took earphones from my friend.

Finally, the interview started First, he asked me about myself. Then told me that we first discuss the approach then move to code.

Then he gave me a question 

  • Implement a LIFO data structure that has Push, POP, Get middle element, Delete middle element functions.

He was very friendly whenever there is a clash he was giving me chance to speak. 

I first started with the array approach then he asked Can we use a Linked list? Then I told some the approach with the Linked List and he also asked me the advantage of using LL. In the meanwhile, I realized that we could not get the correct answer after deleting some elements if I use LL. So I told him about DLL. He again asked me about the Time and space complexity of using DLL.

He was verifying each and every step.

The discussion went for around 40-45 minutes. We discussed all the approaches. 

Then he asked me to write readable code.

  • I wrote then he verified the code. There was a silly error in the delete middle element function. He told me about that.

In the end, he gave me the opportunity to ask questions I asked two. Then the interview ended.

The result came after 15 days.

Verdict: Selected

They judge only on the basis of skills. So be calm and confident during the interviews. Tell whatever approach comes to your mind.

All the best.

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