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Amazon Interview Experience | 193 (For SDE-1)

Last Updated : 03 Jun, 2021
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I had interview with for SDE1 position. 

1st Round – (Written Round)- 
25 Multiple choice questions(Networking, OS, DBMS, C concepts) 
2 coding questions were also asked, for which paper code was required. 

2nd round – 
1. Placing N chess queens on an N×N chessboard so that no two queens attack each other. For example, following is a solution for 4 Queen problem. 

I had a long discussion on this question finally he was satisfied with my solution. 

2. Write a program to find the sum of maximum sum subsequence of the given array such that the integers in the subsequence are sorted in increasing order. 

3. Given a Binary Tree, check if all leaves are at same level or not. 

3rd round – 
Given a sorted array arr[] and a number x, write a function that counts the occurrences of x in arr[]. Expected time complexity is O(Logn) 

Find k largest elements in an array. Elements in array can be in any order. 

4th round(Hiring manager)- 
1. Questions around current job, challenges faced. Any instance of conflict and how you resolved it. 
2. A lot of discussion on projects and work experience. 
3. A large file is given you have to find all the anagrams. Told him to divide the file in chunks for parallel processing and then check anagrams using heap. 

5th round(Bar Raiser)- 
1. Why you are leaving your current company so early? 
2. An integer is given to you,first convert it into binary then reverse this binary string and print decimal corresponding to this reversed string. 
3. He asked one question related to REALLOC function. 

In every round, after each question, complexity of the algorithm was asked. Its good to ask questions to get more clarification about the question. 

I want to thank the entire team of geeksforgeeks. It is a great portal and it helped me a lot in preparing for Amazon interview. 

Tips: Discuss various approaches with interviewer. Try to interact continuously with interviewer. they were very friendly during interview. 




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