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Amagi Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021

Round 1: The first round was video-proctored and was conducted on the HirePro platform. It consisted of 52 questions, 50MCQs, and 2 coding questions. It consisted of 4 sections.

  1. Aptitude 20 questions (30 minutes)
  2. Verbal ability 10 questions(10 minutes)
  3. Technical 20 questions (30 minutes)
  4. Coding 2 questions(50 minutes)

Round 2: Face to Face technical round 1

The interviewer asked for a very brief introduction. The platform was such that it had an inbuilt IDE. After my introduction, the interviewer asked me to get into the IDE and was giving me questions in real-time. The following 3 questions were asked along with my approaches and time and space complexities.

  1. Given an array of integers, return an array such that arr[i] contains the product of all elements except the element at that position without using division.
  2. Given a binary tree, perform the zig-zag traversal.
  3. Given a sorted array of integers and an element x, find the correct position where x should be inserted.

The interviewer always kept the conversation going, asking at different moments what was my thought process and the reason behind it. Also asked why I was using a specific algorithm. I was able to answer all the questions, I started with a brute force approach and then optimized it.

Round 3: Face to Face technical round 2

The interviewer greeted me and told me to wait for 2 minutes. He opened my resume and was talking to me about it. He straight away asked me questions regarding my projects. We had a detailed discussion on it and as it involved an online portal and deployment, a lot of his questions revolved around Computer Networks. The questions were about the OSI layer model, different protocols.  He also asked me questions on Operating systems(deadlocks, semaphores, critical section), DBMS(subqueries, joins, and normalization), and Data Structures and Algorithms. After this, we moved to the IDE section for coding, but the interviewer told me to just explain the approach and time complexities, instead of writing the complete code.

  • Given two functions f1 and f2. f1 accepts an infinite number of integers and at any moment of time calls f2. f2 must create a data structure and return the kth maximum of all the numbers. The value of k is revealed in f2.
  • He then modified the condition to check if an integer had already been entered in f1. Then he modified it such that we wanted to know the frequency of occurrence of any element.
  • It was a long discussion that lasted for about 50 minutes. Finally, he asked me if I had any questions for him. I asked him the following questions:-
  • Describe the typical day in the life of the employee at your organization.
  • How is success measured in the organization?

He answered the following questions and that was the end of the round.

Verdict: Selected!

Before getting selected I was unable to even get shortlisted for many companies, but I kept working hard and solving questions even when I didn’t feel like it. Anyone can crack any interview just don’t lose hope and never stop working. Keep Punching!

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