Altsom interview experience On-campus

They visited our college and shortlisted 80 members based on cgpa 8.5
Branches Allowed: Mech, ISE, CSE, EEE and EC

First round: Aptitude + Technical(60 mins)
conducted in Co-cubes platform
The paper was 60% easy.
Aptitude -30 mins
verbal -10 Q
Logical -10 Q
Quants- 10 Q

Technical (for CSE):30 Q -30 mins
They asked questions from – COA, DBMS, web, OS, programming, Flowchart, ADA, Data structures.

They shortlisted 62 members to 2nd round.

Second round:Group Discussion
They will give u the option that we should select the topic or they will give u.
Team of 10, In that 5 members in each group got selected.

30 students went to 3rd round

Third round:Technical Round

Basics Questions: Method overloading, Final, Static keyword

Projects: in detail
And Final year project

13 students went to 4th round

Fourth round:HR Round

Introduce yourself, Family Background .
Why ALSTOM?What do you know about Alstom?
Some tricky questions-Situation based.

Finally, they selected 6 students.

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