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Airtel Xlabs Interview Experience FTE 2021 (On-Campus DTU)

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Coding Round: This round was conducted on the AMCAT platform which included logical reasoning, quantitative questions, and then 2 coding questions.

One of them was very easy but one of them was tough, and I was able to run it only partially. For the second round, 125 shortlisted

Note: Some STL features in C++ like unordered_map sometimes don’t work on the AMCAT platform so try to think of alternate solutions when stuck in such a situation)

Round 1: In this round, I was asked to consider a stream of integers you have to tell kth the largest element whenever a query is raised. This question can be easily solved using a min_priority queue. After that, I was asked to tell about OOPs basics concepts. At the end of the round, I was asked to solve an hourglass puzzle:

After this, he asked me if he had any questions?

I asked him about his experience at Airtel and the technologies on which he worked to which he replied that his experience at Airtel was awesome and he worked as a backend developer using Spring boot.

This round was over in 20-25 minutes and for the next round, 24 selected.

Round 2: In this round, I was asked to tell about myself in which I summarised my best skills and projects. From that interviewer asked me to explain one of my projects and the challenges I faced creating that project. While I was explaining the project he asked me about lifecycle methods in React, HTML 5 new features, whether I knew backend in JAVA(I had mentioned Java in my resume), asked about an application of 3rd normal form, then asked the same coding question which was asked in Round 1. I was also asked whether I knew redux or not in react.

Since I did not know backend in Java, so I tried to look for ways to explain to him the Django framework since I had only worked on Django. I received that opportunity when I asked him about my feedback to which he replied you have fine coding and implementation skills but you need to work on the theory part and you should know why technology is used rather than just implementing it. At this point, I replied ok and went on to explain why I choose Django and not Node js for backend development. He seemed satisfied with my answer and round 2 ended here.

This round was over in 30-35 minutes for the HR round 18 selected.

HR Round: This round can be the easiest and at the same time the toughest round so take your time, rehearse all common HR questions you can find on the internet, study companies’ job descriptions carefully, and try to find as much as you can about the role that you are being offered.

I was asked some basic questions:

Tell me about yourself.

A: I introduced myself with my skill set, but the difference in this answer as to the answer in Round 2 was that my focus was more on explaining the design and idea of my projects rather than implementation details. 

Have you created any app (Web or android)?

A: I had created 2 projects using Django as backend and react as frontend so I answered yes. 

Note: Remember SDLC concepts and try to explain your project in that order.

Where do you see yourself in 2-3 years?

A: I want to work as a developer in your company and aim to promote to SDE2 developer. 

What do you know about Airtel Xlabs?

A: Refer Airtel Xlabs website for complete details.

Why do you want to join Airtel?

A: I gave 2 reasons

1) Scale: The amount of data that Airtel works on is huge and even if I work on a small portion of that data, I will get the opportunity to learn a lot of things. 

Note: I was able to come up with this answer by asking the experience of both interviewers in each round, so try to ask relevant questions only. It can be select or reject moment for you based on those questions.

2) Recommended by a trusted senior

Q: How much does the creation of an app like bitbucket costs?

A: I did not know the answer to this question to which he replied that I should know these facts.

Q: Do you have any questions?

A: I asked 2 questions

     Q: How is your experience at Airtel and what work you do?

     Q: What are your expectations from me as an employee of Airtel?

This round was over in 25-30 minutes.

Final verdict: I was selected for the Airtel Xlabs FTE position.

Final selections: 7

Note: 2 more selections were there for Airtel Payments bank for which the interview procedure was conducted separately and the students shortlisted for Airtel Xlabs were not included in Airtel Payments bank position recruitment.

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Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2020
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