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Advantages and Disadvantages of E-mail

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Electronic Mail (e-mail) is one of most widely used services of Internet. This service allows an Internet user to send a message in formatted manner (mail) to other Internet user in any part of the world. Message in mail not only contain text, but it also contains images, audio and videos data. The person who is sending mail is called sender and person who receives mail is called recipient. It is just like postal mail service. Advantages of E-mail :
  1. E-mails provides faster and easy mean of communication. One can send message to any person at any place of world by just clicking mouse.
  2. Various folders and sub-folders can be created within inbox of mail, so it provide management of messages.
  3. It is effective and cheap means of communication because single message can be send to multiple people at same time.
  4. E-mails are very easy to filter. User according to his/her priority can prioritize e-mail by specifying subject of e-mail.
  5. E-mail is not just only for textual message. One can send any kind of multimedia within mail.
  6. E-mail can be send at any hour of day, thus ensures timeliness of message.
  7. It is secure and reliable method to deliver our message.
  8. It also provide facility for edition and formatting of textual messages.
  9. There is also facility of auto-responders in e-mail i.e. to send automated e-mails with certain text.
  10. To write an e-mail there is no need of any kind of paper, thus it is environment friendly.
Disadvantages of E-mail :
  1. It is source of viruses. It is capable to harm one’s computer and read out user’s e-mail address book and send themselves to number of people around the world.
  2. It can be source of various spams. These spam mails can fill up inbox and to deletion of these mail consumes lot of time.
  3. It is informal method of communication. The documents those require signatures are not managed by e-mail.
  4. To use facility of e-mail, user must have an access to internet and there are many parts of world where people does not have access to Internet.
  5. Sometimes, e-mails becomes misunderstood as it is not capable of expressing emotions.
  6. To be updated, user have to check inbox from time-to-time.

Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2022
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