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Address of a function in C or C++

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We all know that code of every function resides in memory and so every function has an address like all others variables in the program. We can get the address of a function by just writing the function’s name without parentheses. Please refer function pointer in C for details.

Address of function main() is 004113C0
Address of function funct() is 00411104

In C/C++, name of a function can be used to find address of function.

// C program to addresses of a functions
// using its name
void funct()
int main(void)
    printf("address of function main() is :%p\n", main);
    printf("address of function funct() is : %p\n", funct);
    return 0;


address of function main() is :0x40053c
address of function funct() is : 0x400526
Last Updated : 20 May, 2018
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