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7 Most Recommended Programming Habits for Software Developers

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When it comes to programming there are a lot of developers and programmers who face issues in their entire programming career. Some of the developers are very hard working but when it comes to their progress, they lack somewhere and could not achieve what they actually expect as a programmer. What are the issues or bad habits or things that they ignore? We will discuss them in detail here.


If you are a fresher, going to start your career as a developer or you are an experienced programmer read all the points below so you do not repeat the same mistake which most of the programmers make in their career.

Take Breaks:

There are so many developers and programmers who work for hours and hours and do not take enough breaks. When you are making a project or trying to understand some concepts take enough breaks after each and every hour. Sometimes when you are stuck in a problem and trying to find a solution, taking a break will relax your mind and you can get the solution quickly for your problem. Another thing you can try to follow Pomodoro Technique while studying a concept or making a project. So take enough breaks and be more productive.

Ask For the Help:

We always learn and experience something new in our entire life and nothing is wrong if you don’t know something. It doesn’t matter if you are a college student or an experienced developer if you don’t know something ask for help. Read books, watch tutorials, ask for help from your seniors or other developers and also if you can help someone else in programming definitely do that. It will eventually increase your knowledge, also it will be helpful for the growth in your career. A lot of programmers hesitate when it comes to asking for help. It’s not stupidity, it’s all about learning a concept in a better way.

Never Stop Learning:

Technology is vast and there are so many technologies being outdated or booming in the market. Keep your eyes on new technologies or trends in the market. Do some side projects or stay up to date with new stuff or frameworks or libraries or languages, read blogs, write blogs, give new suggestions or ideas in your company for better career growth. Your learning should not stop once you enter in the programming field. Stay up to date, spread your knowledge and always be curious as a programmer.

Share Your Ideas and Knowledge:

Albert Einstein said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” To become a good developer or programmer, once you have learned something, try to share your knowledge with others with writing blogs or teaching to someone or helping others. It will eventually make you a better developer also do not take bad opinion or criticism too seriously. It’s ok if you are wrong somewhere and someone else is trying to correct you, that’s how you will improve yourself. Listen to the opinion or comments from others.

Write Clean, Reusable and Efficient Code:

Always try to write clean and efficient code with comments and proper documentation. To become a good developer it’s a good habit to follow DRY(do not repeat yourself) principle which is if you see a common code then it’s better to create a function of that code and call this function wherever it’s needed. If the other developers are able to understand your code through comments or because of your clean code then it will be easier to make necessary changes in future, else it might be possible that after a couple of months your own written code will haunt you when you will have to make any changes in future in. There should be easy to use naming convention to all the functions, use Camel case, minify your CSS or JS, compress images and do proper testing as well. Sometimes it is also ok to write spaghetti code instead of a complex one.


Programming takes tons of time to learn, to get used of it and to understand the concept. As a beginner or experienced developer have patience when you are trying to solve a problem. Do not take too much stress when you are unable to get the solution. A lot of beginners give up too early when they just get frustrated with programming or they find the project is difficult for them, also there so many cases where students or beginners want to become an expert programmer within a short span of time or for some of students programming is scary. It all requires to have patience and taking a small step each and every day. Give proper time to yourself, your family and your hobbies.

Dealing with Co-Workers:

When you will be working in your company, it’s not possible that your idea will be always accepted by other members. Always remember if you want to become a good programmer it’s not just about writing a bunch of code, it’s also about taking suggestions from other members, respect someone else ideas and how you handle the situation if your ideas or solutions conflict with others. Also, learn to handle pressure and how you collaborate with other team members. This is why a lot of companies conduct cultural fit round. So always think about someone else ideas or opinion and if you find something is wrong or something can be improved discuss with them but do not yell or show your anger. Be open-minded, don’t be arrogant and communicate properly to deal with issues. A lot of experienced and great developers make mistakes dealing with their co-workers.

With the above qualities, one must also have excellent problem-solving abilities to land a high-paying job as a software developer and to sustain well in that Job. Learning Data Structures and Algorithms helps a lot to improve the problem-solving ability of a programmer.

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Last Updated : 31 May, 2019
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