1mg Interview Experience | Set 1 (Off Campus)

Round 1

  • Devise a dice using one coin
  • Stock buy sell problem
  • What is BFS in Tree
  • I have two coins winning strategy

Round 2

  • Around Python and Ruby
  • Network calls
  • Computer network concepts

Round 3

  • Majority Element
  • Database concurrency
  • Intersection of Two linked list
  • Around resume
  • Count Sort

Round 4

  • Around resume
  • Rating and review scheme in db

Round 5

  • Find equilibrium element in array sum(0,i-1) = sum(i, n-1)
  • Max square in 2d matrix with all 1s
  • Max rectangle in 2d matrix with max area
  • ques around linux
  • again resume related

Round 6

  • Half volume in a transparent container
  • Round table and infinite coin winning strategy
  • detect loop in a linked list
  • mid point of a linked list
  • 3 rd node from end of linked list
  • level order traversal

Round 7 (VP Round)

  • Why do you want to leave current organisation
  • What if you get same work culture here as well
  • What if all the good reviews you read about us are false
  • Reverse a linked list (Recursive as well as iterative)

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