Position of rightmost set bit

Write a one line C function to return position of first 1 from right to left, in binary representation of an Integer.

I/P    18,   Binary Representation 010010
O/P   2
I/P    19,   Binary Representation 010011
O/P   1

Algorithm: (Example 18(010010))
Let I/P be 12 (1100)

1. Take two's complement of the given no as all bits are reverted
except the first '1' from right to left (10111)

2  Do an bit-wise & with original no, this will return no with the
required one only (00010)

3  Take the log2 of the no, you will get position -1 (1)

4  Add 1 (2)



unsigned int getFirstSetBitPos(int n)
   return log2(n&-n)+1;

int main()
    int n = 12;
    printf("%u", getFirstSetBitPos(n));
    return 0;

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