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Zillious Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 12 Feb, 2018
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Zillious came to our campus on 28th October 2015 for recruitment. Round 1 was held at our college premises and the rest of the process at their office. The result was declared after four days. In total 3 students got placed in the company.

Round 1: Written Round

It consisted of 20 MCQ questions to be answered in 30 minutes. Questions were based on Time and Work, Logical Reasoning, Operating System, Computer Networks, Digital Logic and Computer Design (Count the no. of 1 bits in the binary representation of 3*4096 + 15*256 +.. something type question). And after that 2 coding questions were given which were meant to be written on paper within 1 hour.

Coding Questions:-

  1. There are many frogs in the Bob’s garden. Frog F is initially at position (0, 0) and wants to communicate with some other frog. This frog F can move in only two ways:
    1. Turn to its left and move forward.
    2. Turn to its right and move forward.

    Write a function that takes coordinate (x, y) as input and calculate the minimum no. of moves that the frog would make to reach the destination. Assume the frog is always initially at position (0, 0).

  2. Find longest palindromic substring:

Round 2: Face to face technical round
8 students were shortlisted.

  1. Puzzle 1: 3 types of employees are there:
    TYPE A: always speaks truth, and says that he has 6 legs
    TYPE B: always speaks a lie, and says that he has 7 legs
    TYPE C: always speaks truth, and says that he has 8 legs

    Now there are 4 employees named W, X, Y, Z
    W says: in all we have 24 legs.
    X says: in all we have 27 legs.
    Y says: in all we have 28 legs.
    Z says: in all we have 30 legs.

    Ques. 1. Which one of them is speaking lie?
    Ques. 2. Which one of them is speaking truth?

  2. Puzzle 2: There are n seats in an airplane. All seats are booked. Now one of the n passengers loses his ticket. He goes and sits on any random seat. The passengers with tickets enter the airplane, and sit on their seat if they find it empty otherwise they sit on any random seat.
    What is the probability that nth passenger sits on his seat.
  3. This was a coding question. You have an array of integers. Find the first pair of integers whose sum is equal to k. I gave a pruned tree solution but the time complexity was O(n)^2. The interviewer was expecting me to improve on the basis of time complexity but I couldn’t.
  4. There is an array whose configuration is as follows a[0….k-1, k, k+1…..n-1], where a[0], a[1], a[2], ……a[k-1] < a[k] < a[k+1], a[k+2], …… a[n-1].
    [Hint]: Find k in O(n) and memory is not an issue.

Round 3

5 students were shortlisted from the previous round.

All of us were given a question to be coded. It was based on Dynamic Programming. We were given 1 hr. Here is the problem.

Ques. Let us define a multiplication operation(×) on three symbols a; b; c according to the following table:

Therefore, a × a = b , a × b = b etc.

Find an efficient algorithm that examines a string of these symbols, say bbbbac, and decides whether or not it is possible to parenthesize the string in such a way that the value of the resulting expression is a. For example, on input bbbbac your algorithm should return yes because ((b(bb))(ba))c = a.


3 students were shortlisted based on the performance in this round and I was not one of them.

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