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Works Applications Interview Experience | Set 2

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Here is the hiring process they followed (in my case): Round-1: (Online Coding Round) Question-1: Abstract An orienteering map is to be given in the following format.
Calculate the minimum distance from the start(S) to the goal(G) with passing all the checkpoints(@). Specification ‘.’ means an opened-block that players can pass. ‘#’ means a closed-block that players cannot pass. It is allowed to move only by one step vertically or horizontally. 1 <= width <= 100, 1 <= height <= 100 The maximum number of checkpoints is 18. Return -1 if given arguments do not satisfy specifications, or players cannot arrive at the goal from the start by passing all the checkpoints. Input The input is to be given in the following format, from the standard input.
      W H
The first row is to describe the width and the height of the orienteering map, sectioned by a space. Output Output into the standard output, and put a return. Question-2: Implement a Immutable Queue in Java. In both of these question Code skeleton was provided. Round-2: (Interview) After this, we had to select our location and dates of the interview also. It was 13th September and we went there for the interview. Interview was further taken in 4 different rounds. 1. Live Coding – In this round the interviewer asked to optimize and code the first problem in the given assignment and print the complete path from source to goal in 45-60 min. 2. Aptitude – 30 MCQs from P&C, Probability, Contribution, Profit – Loss, Time and Work etc. to be done in 1 hour. 3. Live Coding & Technical Discussion – In this round an engineer discussed the technologies I have worked on and then gave me another problem to code. It was to print all the permutations of a string in sorted order. He gave me a software designing problem and asked me how will you proceed with that and what ideas are you proposing for that kind of a design? And then he asked me about my internship experience with Oracle and what work I was doing that time. 4. H.R. – Not to mention but it was the best round among all. She asked me some usual questions like how their interview process was, the differences I found in the process, why I want to work with them, how I fit in their organization.

Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2016
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