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Works Applications Interview Experience | Set 1 (Japan)

Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2017
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At 8:30 AM on 17th Dec., I heard my name from the recruiter, and that was the starting of a long technical interview. I was the first one to be called for the interview. The interview was a live-coding interview, where I needed to code on Eclipse, and that coding practice was to be seen by the recruiter on the other computer connected with mine. To mention, Recruiter was very nice in nature, and very fresh (as it was the first interview, that day) at that time. He started asking me about my programming and technical interests. I told him that I love to do programming in C and Java, ad DS and OS are my favorite subjects. Then he asked me, the very first code, it was just a modification to be made to the programming assignment which I had submitted during the All India IT Talent Contest. Then he asked for one more modification. Modifications were to add two more functions of finding least 10% elements at any time in the Data-Structure and to reverse the Data-Structure at any time. Then, he given me a fresh program to check, whether a given string is a sub-string of another given string. Firstly I suggested normal O(m*n) solution and then he told me to optimize it. Thanks to geeksforgeeks that I studied, KMP algorithm of pattern matching there and re-modified the code to O(m+n) complexity. The he asked me a problem about segregating zeroes and ones in an array. Then one problem was related to reduction of strings (consisting of a, b & c) & by replacing two chars with the third one. Then he asked me a program on finding longest monotonically increasing sub-sequence in an array. Again thanks to geeksforgeeks that I solved it in the normal fashion followed by the Dynamic Programming solution. Then he asked me to print all such sub-sequences possible, not only the first one. Then he asked me for making changes to the code, considering the fact that input-values are Hexadecimal string not the Decimal values. I was not known to any predefined functions capable of converting Hexadecimal string to Decimal value. So I wrote my own HexToDec and DecToHex functions, and thus completed all the changes suggested by the recruiter. Finally due to my good performance in the interview, recruiter was very happy regarding this. He congratulated me for this & wished me best of luck for the next round.
Next round of interview was more about the basics of CSE. He asked me many questions from OS (semaphores, process, deadlock, virtual memory etc.), one question about B Tree and B+ Tree and some questions from multi-tier & client-server architectures. This round also went nicely. Then there was an aptitude test consisting of questions from Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Probability, P&C and simple Quantitative Maths. It was an average test, so I attempted almost all questions. Generally all the people who reach to this round, clear it, as only some people clear those tough technical interviews.

Finally I reached to the HR interview, where interviewer asked me many questions about my areas of interest, thinking behind relocation to some other country, family background and about my teaching interest to The Enlightenment club members of NIT Agartala. Finally, after considering performance in each round, She offered me a position of R&D Engineer at Works Applications Co., Ltd. I thank her for offering such a lucrative offer. Then, she told me more about the company and its working environment through her presentation.

I thank Works Applications Co., Ltd., geeksforgeeks, T&P Cell, my parents, my didi, my teachers, my department, my institute NIT Agartala & my dear friends for all their guidance and blessings so that I could get such a nice placement. At the end I should say that “where there’s a will there’s a way”.

Thanks for your time!

This article is compiled by Saurabh Jain. Many Many congratulations to Saurabh for his selection.

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