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What is Pilot Survey? – Definition, Importance, Uses

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The pilot survey refers to a sample survey that is conducted to know whether our questionnaire prepared is understandable or not. Some important advantages of a pilot survey include questions being tested, problems that can arise from the large survey can be guessed and solutions can be found, and some aspects of the data being estimated.

A pilot survey is one of the handiest strategies for having real-time remarks on your product out of your goal market. Asides from powering facts-pushed selection-making, in addition, they assist you store time, fee and in the end create a product that everybody loves.

Pilot Survey

Pilot Survey

What is a Pilot Survey?

A pilot survey is a mini-survey where the researcher sends out a questionnaire to a smaller pattern size as compared to the real target audience. By gathering records from a convenience sample, you may predict the reaction styles of contributors and make any required modifications to your studies.

The most important objective of a pilot survey is to test the study’s equipment which includes the questions, survey shape, and distribution channels. If done in the proper manner, it helps you to find out challenges that could have an effect on the primary statistics collection technique.

As an organization accomplishing market research or seeking to acquire remarks on a product or service, you can ship out your pilot survey to a number of the stakeholders in your organization which includes personnel. A pilot survey isn’t always just about amassing applicable facts from respondents; it is also approximately testing your survey functionalities at different touch points.

Uses of a Pilot Survey

You can employ pilot surveys to:

  • Apply it to a small institution to be able to now not be evaluated inside the authentic survey.
  • Consider the responses of a specific group because of the first effects obtained from the project.
  • You can also use a pilot survey because the definitive survey of your research intentionally asks participants for feedback, for example asking them how clear the instructions are or what questions are hard to answer.
  • After obtaining and analyzing results from the pilot survey, logistical, technical, and other troubles may be addressed. You can accurately the questions about your survey or pick out the maximum suitable varieties of questions if, for instance, you’re going to carry out a web survey.

A pilot survey may be used to stumble on the dearth of schooling of the employees to be surveyed, issues with the logistics of distribution and collection of the survey as well as errors in the statistics recording. These troubles may be constant before taking the real survey.

Advantages of Pilot Surveys

Conducting a pilot survey before the very last survey has splendid benefits for the researcher. One of the benefits is that they assist to come across the elements that might motive a poor effect on the research, consisting of a bad design that reasons abandonment or poorly asked questions that confuse the respondent, causing them to reply incorrectly or to sincerely no longer supply any solution. Avoid those not-unusual survey mistakes.

A pilot survey additionally helps to assess the accuracy of the instructions earlier, to peer if all participants apprehend them. Pilot surveys additionally keep financial resources, due to the fact if mistakes are determined early, there could be less chance of obtaining unreliable effects that might damage our commercial enterprise or having to begin from scratch after applying the actual survey. In quick, the principal goal of a pilot survey is to determine whether or not a big-scale survey is really worth engaging in.

Some of the Advantages are given below

  1. It lets you discover and cope with any troubles that could affect the actual survey. For instance, a pilot survey can assist uncover beside-the-point questions which could negatively affect your survey results. 
  2. A pilot survey is a price-effective technique of records series ultimately. Pilot surveys prevent lots of time and money because you may become aware of and correct any errors that would have ruined the overall records-gathering system. 
  3. With a pilot survey, you can measure the validity of the study’s manner. Results from the survey may be used to determine the effectiveness of the research approach; that is, how beneficial it is in retrieving facts from the research topics. 
  4. A pilot survey is an opportunity to test alternative techniques and choose those that produce the most legitimate consequences for the actual research. 
  5. It is a possibility to evaluate the exclusive steps to your facts series and research process. From the pilot survey outcomes, you could make any required adjustments in your facts series method that will help you improve your studies. 
  6. It frequently gives the researcher with thoughts, approaches, and clues you could not have explored earlier than accomplishing the pilot study.
  7. A pilot survey is a possibility to get legitimate remarks from members of the ease sample to help you enhance your statistics series method.

Disadvantages Of Pilot Survey

When doing an initial survey, there’s the opportunity of making misguided predictions or hypotheses based on the records from the pilot test.

Successfully completing a pilot survey isn’t a guarantee of the fulfillment of a big-scale survey. Although the consequences of a pilot test may additionally provide some index of the reaction rate of your principal survey, this doesn’t assure that this can be the case, as there are other elements to not forget.

FAQs on Pilot Survey

Q 1. What are pilot surveys?


The pilot survey refers to the strategy which is used for testing the questionnaire using a smaller sample as compared to the planned sample size.

Q 2. What is the use of a pilot survey?


Pilot studies are a crucial element of a very good take a look at layout. Conducting a pilot have a look at does now not guarantee achievement inside the important observe, however it does boom the likelihood of fulfillment. Pilot studies satisfy quite a number critical capabilities and may provide treasured insights for different researchers.

Q 3. What is the difference between a pilot survey and a main survey?


A pilot survey refers to a strategy that is used for testing certain techniques of sampling on a smaller sample than the intended sample size. On other end, sample survey refers to use of technique of survey on intended sample size.

Last Updated : 16 Jun, 2023
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