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What are Worm Watcher & Antidotes

Last Updated : 05 Mar, 2021
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Any self-propagating program that will call any sort of damage to the system is a kind of worm that will get activated it does not need a host program like a message that is been sent by someone, users are required to be very careful and aware before clicking any e-mail or message sent by the third party even various websites can also become a means for spreading worms and viruses.

Worm Watcher:

  1. For limiting the size of the worm a special program is required which can automatically take steps to limit the size for shutting it down if it grows beyond a certain limit. In the state of the individual segment, the watcher also maintains are running log recording changes. 
  2. For visualizing what might have on wrong with the worm this type of information can be used to analyze.


  1. This has seen that generally to COM or EXE files the most of the viruses attach themselves and instructions are given to all users not to copy out COM or EXE files. 
  2. All the original COM or EXE files are kept on a write-protected floppy as a backup. Whenever these files are required to be copied they should be copied from this write-protected floppy. 
  3. A program is called antidote which is available to check the infected files that are COM or EXE. The boot virus is not located in this and this program only checked the J virus, so we can conclude that it is required to run both the programs for a complete checkup.
  4. At a site, the precautions must be taken by all the users not just by a handful of users one person’s carelessness can be enough to infect an entire environment. We cannot say that all these precautions guarantee safety from viruses but increased awareness will make a site less likely to suffer. 
  5. At the retail level in Austria vendor product tampering problems setting consumers drug manufacturers there redesigned the packaging to make it easier to detect tampered products.
  6.  Just that it would be easier to detect tempering no manufacturer could guarantee that no one would tamper with the product. 
  7. More likely in a similar manner the software industry would be AEE expected to Harden its packaging and to incorporate methods into software products that will not only help to identify but also prevent tampering while these techniques will not identify every possible virus assault we could add even more protection.


  1. In IT software companies application, the checksum-oriented technique could be Incorporated at the start out periodically during the program execution the application could compare the consistency of the disk image of the company’s programs with some known value determined if the image had unexpectedly been modified. 
  2. If the image is found to be inconsistent an error warning message could be shown or printed as an alert for the users.
  3. The effects are enormous although the odds of being infected by a computer virus are small common-sense procedures and precautions from the mind with some logical programming techniques can help to secure a site from this type of threat.

Some hints:

  1. Without checking the floppy, CD, or DVD for virus presence never allow that disc brought from outside to your company for using directly on PC. Including service engineers and their floppy disks for maintenance.
  2. All the original exe and com files need to be kept in a write-protected floppy.
  3. If common exe or com files are required to be copied anywhere must do it from the original source that is write-protected.
  4. The reason could be a virus in case the system is hanging or floating you need to check for a virus.
  5. Where important data is stored you must avoid playing games on a computer as it is generally noticed that the virus spreads faster through floppy games.
  6. By modifying AUTOEXEC. BAT check sector information as a routine and using virus check programs.
  7. Identify and remove the virus is found on a PC isolate it only then PC can be used again for work.


Finally, we can conclude by saying that the virus deletes the directory information thereby destroying any link between the computer and the data on disk. So at this stage, there is almost no chance of retrieving any information or data into its original form.

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