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Walmart Global Tech CodeHers Interview Experience for SDE-2 (2021)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2021

Round 1 (Technical Interview – 45 minutes approx.)

  1. Questions based on my internships and projects (Give an instance where you used Exception Handling and Polymorphism in your project).
  2. Differences between threads and processes.
  3. Explain TCP Handshake.
  4. Differences between Queues and Stacks.
  5. Differences between Arrays and Linked Lists.
  6. Questions on Linux commands

I wasn’t able to answer questions related to Linux commands very well, but the interviewer was really nice. She explained all the benefits about joining Walmart in great detail, and hinted that I’d be called for the next round later during the day.

Round 2 (Technical Interview – 1.5 hours approx.)

  1. Explain the logic for this( and this( Discussed time complexities.
  2. Write a code for this( and this. Discussed time complexities.
  3. Discussed the solution to this puzzle and this puzzle.

I started by answering the questions with Brute-force approach, and gradually optimized my solutions. This round went well overall.

Round 3 (Managerial + Technical Interview – 30 minutes approx.)

  1. What are your non-technical interests?
  2. What tech stack are you most comfortable with?
  3. Questions about my internship and my final year project.
  4. Explain File operations in C++.
  5. How will you print numbers from 1 to 100 without using a loop? (Discussion only)
  6. Explain the steps involved in SDLC.

The interviewer was a manager in the Enterprise Business Services team, and was really friendly. 

Final Result: Selected

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