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Velankani Software Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2018

Round 1: There was an online coding test consists of 2 questions. First question was to check a number is Fibonacci number or not. Second question was to convert decimal integer to roman.

Round 2: First Technical Round: In this I was asked about basic of data structure and algorithm. Then interviewer asked to write code for DFS ( After that he asked to find the shortest distance from source to destination in a graph and write pseudo code for it( Then he asked to find the number of set bit in binary representation of a integer(

Round 3: Second Technical Round: in this I was asked about quick sort, its code, complexity and how to decide pivot element( He asked one more question which I don’t remember.

Round 4:It was HR round. HR asked about why do you want to join this company. What are your weakness and strength and some other behavioural questions.

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