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Conga [Apttus Software Pvt Ltd] Interview Experience for Associate Consultant

  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2021

Round 1(Aptitude): This was an aptitude test in which 20 questions were there and 60 minutes to solve it. The questions were basic aptitude questions and a few reasoning questions.

Round 2(Technical): This was a technical interview. 

  1. There was only one interviewer. She asked basic questions like OOPs concept, a little discussion on the project. 
  2. Also, she asked me to solve two questions by writing pseudo code. One was printing pattern (pyramid numbers) and the one was to check palindrome of string and if it wasn’t string then return the reverse the string.

Round 3(Coding): It was a coding round in which I was monitored by an interviewer. You had to have your IDE set up before the round and also you cant Google. Well, you won’t need it. The question will be sent out to your account at that time only. It was of almost 90 minutes, It had four questions of which two were coding questions and two were of the database.

  1. Given an array of integers and find the closest value to the given number. The array may contain duplicate values and negative numbers.
    Example : Array : = [2,5,6,7,8,8,9,11,22,19,14,15,18]
    Target number: 12
    Output: 11
  2. Write Block of Code to Convert String = “98989” into an integer without using any library functions.
  3. (A)Write down the query to get a record from both tables if no match found in any table then show NULL.

    (B)Write down the query to fetch empname even they have not matched any id in the left table, Order by firstname from empdetails and projdetails.

  4. Normalize the given table.

Round 4(Interview): It was an interview round with the senior director and manager. 

  1. They asked me about myself and few coding output questions were there asked by the manager. 
  2. It was a conceptual question that tests how deep you understand how everything works. Nothing to worry about if you don’t know just tell them you don’t.

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