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Use of Technology in Tokyo Olympics 2021

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Tokyo Olympics 2021 is all set to kick off in the coming weeks!!! 

Yes, the event is formerly scheduled to be held in July-August 2020 but after the unprecedented delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the games are now scheduled to take place from July 23 to August 08, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan. Though the event is rescheduled for 2021, it will be officially marketed and branded as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


But amidst all this, do you know…the adoption of new advanced technologies is playing a much crucial role in the effective organization of Tokyo Olympics 2021 and to make the Olympic Games experiences more innovative, interactive, and immersive for everyone. Needless to say, the dominance of Japan in technology and innovation is known to everyone – and alike past, this time also we’re going to see this in Tokyo Olympics 2021 as they’re ready to come up and launch numerous fascinating and advanced technologies at the global stage.

So, let’s get to know about some of these advanced technologies that are being used by Japan for Tokyo Olympics 2021 (or you can say 2020 Tokyo Olympics):

1. Self-Driving Vehicles

The Self-Driving Vehicles will be used in the Tokyo Olympics 2021 to run on the defined routes related to the Olympics including – from the airport to the Olympic village and around different Olympic venues in Tokyo. As per the reports, the government has planned to have nearly 100 self-driving vehicles in service during this particular period. However, the move to use this tech advancement is not only taken by Japan just for the reason of catering to the transport needs of athletes and other concerned persons – but it is being done to set up a foundation for the next-gen public transport network, to minimize road fatalities, to avoid traffic congestion, etc.

2. Facial Recognition Systems

The Facial Recognition technology is going to be used at Tokyo Olympics 2021 venues for security screening-related tasks of athletes, staff members & other individuals, and it will not only speed up the entire process but will give better security results by restricting unauthorized access and prevent spoofing at the venues. Though originally planned for security purposes, after the worldwide covid-19 outbreak, this touchless security screening process by facial recognition would be really helpful and worthwhile in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.  

The facial recognition cameras would allow the security personnel or other officials to record allowed spectators’ and athletes’ faces and movements at Games venues that will further help them to pinpoint possible COVID-19 carriers and take actions accordingly. For example, if someone at the venue is found infected, officials can conveniently trace his/her route and thus can find those who were in close contact.  

3. Robot Assistance or Guidance

Yes, Tokyo Olympics 2021 is also going to feature various robots that will assist and guide individuals and perform various tasks. For instance, there will be robots that are going to attend to the allowed visitors, guide them with the direction, carrying the luggage, providing event information, etc. These robots are designed in such a way that they will act as the representatives for Tokyo Olympics 2021. Similarly, some of these robots are designed to carry things (or you can say sports equipment like javelins, discusses, etc) on the ground thrown by the participants. As per the reports, there will be around 8-10 types of robots overall to make things smoother, convenient, and efficient at the Olympic Games 2021.

4. Immersive Live Viewing

In Tokyo Olympics 2021, there will be immersive virtual-reality experiences for the spectators’ that will allow them to enjoy the event in a more engaging manner. The viewers will be able to enjoy the events like Tokyo Olympics 2021 opening ceremony, matches, gymnastics, etc. in such a way that it would really feel like you’re sitting right there at the venue or in front of the athletes. Moreover, the broadcasting of Olympics 2021 with 8K resolution imaging technology will leverage the individuals with a sharper, smoother, and worthwhile watching experience. This never-seen-before watching experience can be pre-assumed due to the fact that the resolution of 8K is comparatively almost double to 4k technology with a resolution of around 7,680 pixels by 4,320 pixels.

5. Instant Language Translators

To avoid any kind of language barrier at such a renowned global event i.e., Olympics 2021 where individuals from all over the world come, Japan is intending to put in place the new state-of-the-art instant translation technology. This sort of real-time translation system can be installed on smartphones or other compatible devices and the user will be required to select the target language, speak into the device, and subsequently, the device will translate and convert the spoken words in the targeted language. It will make the communication much easier and more fluent between the people with different languages. For example – a person who knows only English and the other one knows only Japanese would be able to convey their message to each other conveniently.

Other than that, various other tech advancements like Dow Technology for Retrofit Structures, Man-Made Meteor Showers, Maglev Trains, and many more are going to be a part of the Tokyo Olympics 2021. And that’s why Tokyo Olympics 2021 is now no more just a global sports event, but it will also act as a platform to unveil various advanced technologies that can revolutionize the world in the coming times!!

Last Updated : 20 Jun, 2021
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