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Urlcrazy in Kali Linux

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Urlcrazy mainly works as generating and testing of domain types and variations for performing and detecting typo squatting, phishing, hijacking of URL(Uniform Resource Locator), and corporate espionage.

Let’s talk about the features for Urlcrazy:  

  • It can easily detect many common misspellings
  • It estimates the popularity of a domain variant
  • It can generate many types of domain variants
  • It checks whether the domain variant is valid or not valid
  • It supports multiple keyboard layouts (AZERTY, DVORAK, QWERTY, and  QWERTZ)

Installation of Urlcrazy in Kali Linux

Well it comes pre-installed in Kali Linux but if not then don’t worry just follow the given command

sudo apt-get install urlcrazy
urlcrazy in Kali Linux

Using Urlcrazy in Kali Linux

1. If you don’t know the basics then don’t worry. The type is given command in a terminal for help

urlcrazy -h
urlcrazy -h

2. In this example we are simply performing a search with Urlcrazy

urlcrazy -k qwerty -r 

In the above example, we are using Urlcrazy to search for geeksforgeeks hostnames with QWERTY keyboard layout and with No DNS resolution.

3. In this example we are checking for domain popularity with no DNS resolution

urlcrazy -p -r

In the above example, we are searching for a particular hostname and the result will provide us the list with typo names and their type.

Last Updated : 25 Jan, 2021
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