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UBS On-Campus Recruitment (For FTE 2019)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2019
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Round 1:The first round was of 30 mcqs and 1 coding question.The mcqs consists of both technical and aptitude.The test duration was of 1 hour and 30 mins and the platform was hackerearth. The mcqs were of 4 and 2 marks. Mcqs consisted of java predict output, data structures, quant, clock loses 2min every hour kind of questions and total marks for mcq were 60/100. The coding question was based on string which consisted of A, C and ?.

A-anti clock wise move

C-clock wise move

?-Replace it with A or C

You have to find maximum distance from initial position after traversing the string.

Eg-AAAA?C   Answer:5 i.e replace ? with A and after travelling entire string you have achieved maximum distance of 5. Marks-40/100


They shortlisted 33 students from around 150. There were 4 rounds and Psychometric Test for final select.

Round 2:Technical Round

Tell me about yourself. Project discussion. He asked me about all oops concepts with example and definitions. He asked me to explain try catch finally. He asked me about string class, collections, HashMap, Hashtable and difference between the two. He asked me to make another table same as first table with one line MySql query. Then we had discussion on ML and python. He asked me if I had any questions and I asked him about work culture at UBS.

Round 3:Technical Round

Tell me about yourself. Project discussion. He asked me about oops concepts in depth and was confusing me in every question. Method overriding where we have method private in base class will give compile time error. Asked me about String class i.e immutable and then asked me to make class immutable 

He then asked me about inner class, threads, synchronization and at the end he asked me to design App store(Database Schema). Java is must. After this 3rd round ended.

After this there were 2 HR rounds. I was not called for further rounds and they announced the final results.

Tip from my side: At the start they will collect your resumes. I kept my resume at the end and that was the biggest mistake. Place your resume in first 10 as UBS has to select fixed number of students(5 in our college) and once they get 5 students they won’t take your interview and simply reject you and will announce the final result. They won’t even bother to see if some even better candidate is possible. I was called for 2nd interview and my interview was good and within few minutes they announced final results and one of my friend was called for 3rd interview and the interviewer said you will be called for 4th interview and was not called so keep your resume in first 10. Hope this helps and Best of luck.

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