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Ubisoft Interview Experience for Software Development Engineer | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2021

Ubisoft arrived for hiring in the mid of Sept 2021 on our campus for the 6 months Software Development Engineer Role. We had a total of 5 rounds (1 Online Coding on Amazon’s Assessment Portal + 2 Technical Interviews + 1 HR Interview + Work-style Assessment).

Round 1: Coding Round

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The coding round comprised of 3 sections:

  • MCQ: There were MCQ questions related to fundamentals especially OOPs concept and C++ output-related questions.
  • Coding: There was 1 graph question.
  • Aptitude

Round 2: Technical Interview Round 1

  1. String to Integer (without STL)
  2. OOPs, questions – One of the many questions was to explain the diamond problem in inheritance. He gave me a sample code and I had to explain the inheritance process after understanding it.
  3. Write a code for the copy constructor

Round 3: Technical Interview Round 2

  1. How a virtual function works inside a compiler. Explain the whole process internally.
  2. Tic-Tac-Toe: He gave a whole code of a tic-tac-toe game along with the player status of positions. We had to write a function which accepts player id as argument and return true if player 1 has won or return false. Preferred to use recursion.
  3. Puzzle: There is a 1000-storied building. You have to give the minimum number of lifts required for the smooth running of the building without any waiting problem. (I searched for the answer afterward everywhere but couldn’t find it)

Round 4: HR Interview Round

  • It was just casual talk. He asked me the question why do I want to join Ubisoft, what are you planning for the future, are you interested in higher studies why yes/no.
  • He asked what other things I like to do. He also explained to me the office, the location and its facilities and company rules, stipend, and tenure.

Round 5: Work-Style Assessment Round

They sent me an assessment link on the Mettl platform which included behavioral questions, critical reasoning MCQs, and abstract reasoning aptitude MCQ questions.


  • You have to have deep knowledge of the C/C++ language along with the application of the OOPs concept.
  • Speak while coding or thinking.
  • Keep track of edge cases.

The interviewers were very friendly and helpful. The 1st interviewer even taught me if I didn’t know any of the concepts. They also gave me an ample amount of time to solve. I think they judge your thinking capability and understandability.

Verdict: Selected

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