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Types of variables in Automation Anywhere (RPA)

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In this article, we will discuss the overview of Types of variables in Automation Anywhere (RPA) and will discuss types of variables in detail. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Overview :
This topic describes the types of variables you can define and use while automating a task. There are three types of variables in Automation Anywhere: User (local) Variables, System Variables, and Credential Variables. 

Types of variables in Automation Anywhere (RPA) :
Here, we will discuss the types of variables as follows.

  1. User (Local) Variables 
  2. System Variables 
  3. Credential Variables 

Let’s discuss it one by one.

Type-1 :
User (Local) Variables :
User variables are defined by an automation user and used for a specific task or set of tasks. A user variable can hold one value or multiple values. Prompt-Assignment (type: String) is a variable that is pre-defined for use for new automation tasks. After you create a user (local) variable, you can initialize it again or assign it when a task runs.

Type-2 :
System Variables : 
In the System variables, there are pre-defined variables that are provided by Automation Anywhere. System variables are available to be used in all automation tasks. System Variable types include the following components as follows.

  • Date and Time System Variables – 
    System-related date and time variables.
  • System Variables – 
    Loop: Useful in conjunction with Loop commands.
  • Excel System Variables – 
    Useful for Excel automation.
  • Email System Variables – 
    Useful for Email automation.
  • Trigger Variables –
    Useful in conjunction with triggers.
  • PDF System Variables – 
    Useful to be used with PDF command.
  • System Variables – 
    Specific to System Settings/Parameters Variables specific to a particular client machine.

System Variables specific to the client machine

Type-3 :
Credential Variables :
Available in Enterprise edition only from version 10.2.1 Credential variables store sensitive information that’s used when running automation tasks. Credential variables can be used only by the Bot Creator and only in Command fields that need a credential input. These credentials are defined by the administrator of Enterprise Control Room in the form of Credential Keys that comprise a set of Attribute Values and are stored securely in a centralized location – the Credential Vault. Unlike User and System variables, you cannot view Credential variables within the Variable Manager. They are visible in the Insert Variable window when you are creating a task with commands that support Credential Variables. 

References :
You can learn about system variables in more detail from automation anywhere official document(Types of System Variables.

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Last Updated : 26 May, 2021
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