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Top 7 Skills to Learn Early in Your Tech Career

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In today’s fast-paced and media-driven life, technology is rapidly evolving. But there are some important skills that will give you a strong foundation to sustain in these technological advancements. These can be labeled as the most basic yet most crucial skills to attain success in your technical career. Technology is continuously growing and there are so many new tools, languages, and platforms every day. As a modern techie, you must have good knowledge of integrating these technologies with the latest tools to create an amazing product.


Instead of just devoting your time to learning the core fundamentals of the IT domain there are other skills as well that set you apart from the crowd and fuel the rocket of your tech career. In this blog, we will discuss the top seven skills to learn early in your tech career. So let’s get started.

1. Command Prompt / Terminal

This can be regarded as one of the top skills that you must learn in your early tech career. Command Prompt/Terminal refers to an interpreter application that is present in most operating systems. It is a text interface that can be navigated by typing commands unlike using the mouse through the graphical user interface. It has the power and ability to fulfill a lot of tasks with just a single line of code. It provides the ability to automate tasks through scripting.

It is a really useful skill to learn in your early tech career as you may encounter future technologies that can easily be accessed through Command Prompt. When you first encounter with Command Prompt/Terminal you can feel it’s challenging and scary. But once you become used to it they can be productive.

2. Programming Language

It is one of the most crucial skills that you must learn in your early tech career. Every website or application is based on programming languages. Learning and gaining proficiency in at least one programming language is important for your tech career.

If you are willing to build your career in a technical niche then you must focus on gaining in-depth knowledge of at least one programming language which includes Java, Python, C, C++, etc. Further, you must also gain knowledge about SQL databases and operating systems. There are various standard online resources available over the web that you can choose to learn Programming Languages, for instance – GeeksforGeeks, etc. 

3. Algorithms

An algorithm refers to a sequence of specified instructions use to solve a specific problem. It is used for performing data processing, calculations, automated decision-making, and many other tasks. It also covers some of the important concepts like time and space complexity. Understanding how algorithms have variable complexity is really valuable. It is an important skill that you must learn in your initial tech career. To know more about algorithms you can try this resource: Fundamentals of Algorithms.

4. SQL

SQL stands for the Structured Query Language. It is the most widely used language for relational databases. It is used to manage and organize data in all types of systems. It is a platform that links the front-end and back-end databases. SQL is one of the most valuable skills that you must learn in your early tech career. Initially, you may feel that SQL is a bit complicated or find it scary to learn but don’t worry at all. If you are worried about where to start from then you must check out the SQL tutorial.

5. Digital Conferencing Techniques

It is one of the basic yet most important skills that everyone working in the technical domain must learn. In today’s situation of the pandemic when everyone is working from home, Digital Conferencing is the only way to keep everyone on the same page. It is essential to ensure that communication must go on despite time differences and global boundaries. It is useful in conducting webinars, virtual conferences, client meetings, product demonstrations, etc.

Currently, most tech giant companies follow agile methodology to work on the software development processes. It is centered around the idea of the iterative development approach between self-organizing and cross-functional teams. Daily scrum meeting on each day of sprint is one of the crucial components of the agile development process. Currently, digital conferencing is the only way to attend daily scrum meetings. Hence this can be labeled as the most basic yet most crucial skill to sustain in the technical domain.

6. Project Management Skill

Learning basic project management skills is important for everyone. It helps you manage your priorities, track progress, and work towards your goals. It can be an amazing asset for your team as they will get a more clear picture of how to tackle important issues. This skill plays a pivotal role in inculcating the knowledge of what’s right for the project and how to work in that direction. Learning this skill in your early tech career will make you more effective in the future.

 7. Googling

This is one of the most astonishing skills that you need to learn to enhance your tech career. Just by the magic of some keywords, you can find solutions to almost every problem. You may come across a problem that is often difficult to solve with the knowledge you already have. That’s when you need to do technical research.

So till now, you must have got a clear idea of the top skills you need to learn in your early tech career. Apart from these, there are other crucial skills like:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Data Structures
  • Basics of testing
  • GIT/ SVN, etc. 

So, without wasting much time, equip yourself with these prominent skills to become more effective and relevant in the tech world!

Last Updated : 26 Dec, 2021
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