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Top 7 Data Science Certifications That You Can Consider

Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2023
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Data Science Certifications can be your online or offline Data Science Skills assessment document which ensures that if a potential employer hires you to incorporate many data-driven insights in any of the day-to-day business processes, then you can reciprocate such justified incorporation through your industry-ready job prospects prepared by the curriculum of any of the Data Science certifications. Also, as per the outlooks of Glassdoor, more than 10000 jobs are in Data Science with salaries going beyond $100000 yearly. The reason is that more and more companies have understood the importance of data analysis, Machine Learning, and data visualization techniques through which they can open future revenue opportunities for them.

Data Science Certifications

Indeed, nothing will happen if you keep on mesmerizing, about how can I get a data science job in any of the fortune 500 IT companies. For securing a token of recognition in any of those fortune companies, it is vital to boost your resume with the programs in the form of certifications recognizing your Data Science skills in accordance with the standard market requirements. Planning to earn that token of recognition which can let you cover extra miles for better credibility and performance presented by your portfolio!!

Top Data Science Certifications

Data Science is a cutting-edge technology which is used by businesses to take decisions, so learning data science can be a very fruitful decision for you career. And taking a authentic Data Science certification could be a cherry on the cake. Let’s take a look at the seven Data Science certifications mentioned below and make a career transition anytime for better growth in terms of work responsibilities and other perks.  

1. Google Professional Data Engineer Certification 

This Data Engineer Certification offered by Google will enable many learners especially the ones interested in monitoring and designing data-processing systems with the fundamental-level knowledge about ML models and ways of operationalizing them. Besides, the certification whose cost is $200 will introduce you to Cloud SQL (a service for setting up and administrating your relational Dbs i.e. Databases on GCP which is Google Cloud Platform), Dataproc (another fully managed & scalable service best for data lake modernization and ETL with Google Cloud) so that if required, you can resettle your current workplace to cloud (maintained and upgraded by Google itself). Deeply involved with thinking about interactive data analysis and the science of carrying out data available all around the world with utmost flexibility and in an approach-oriented manner!! Yes, both of them are eyed by this certification by employing BigQuery in its curriculum. 

So, if you want to assess your ability to ensure the quality of solutions while designing, building, monitoring, or operationalizing ML models/Data-Processing systems, then all you ought to do is take the road of this 2-Hours certification exam and train yourself more, if required, on pre-existing Data Processing systems and Machine Learning Models keeping in mind the exam format and relevant industry-level experience required. And it is – more than 3 yrs of on-site experience along with 1 Plus (+) years spent on maintaining, designing Google Cloud solutions. 

2. Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification

Getting Recognized by Microsoft as an Azure Data Scientist Associate in return of 165 US Dollars will let you inch a bit towards excellence in subject-matter advanced-level expertise well-relatable with responsibly implementing ML models and running experiments on any of the related solutions if the same is demanded by time. Thinking about how will I be gaining skills helping me model and operate ML solutions at an advanced level through the use of Azure Machine Learning!! See, two ways are there to prepare yourself well and they are – online which is free, and Instructor-led, most often (paid). Those ways will in front of you display a dashboard-like appearance in which you can feasibly find Visual tools for creating ML models, Azure Databricks for operating well the Machine Learning solutions after they are built, and also, procedures of Azure resources management. 

Apart from all the above advantages you are earning in the form of Azure cloud skills, you will be earning a badge of deploying an ML or any data science model that can be used as a service by many of the customers serving a community of owners, Cloud consultants or developers too. What else is now required to find a path which is not only simple but also making you a product-ready person capable of setting up an Azure workspace and promisingly running ML models potentially consumed in a production-ready manner? 

3. Amazon AWS Big Data Certification 

Amazon is shouting out louder for imbibing the specialty of AWS Big Data. Meditating how will Big Data (of AWS) certification help in establishing a global infrastructure!! So, an AWS i.e. Amazon Web Service lets you analyze medium or larger datasets whose computing capacity you can resize like scaling up or down in accordance with the computing environments selected by you. This helps a lot in deploying, monitoring, and managing mission-critical Data-Processing applications that you may link either with tracking the warehouse orders or establishing connections with the logistics manager. Indeed, the certification describes well the importance of AI & NLP workloads beneficially handled by different types of Amazon Web Services so that a technical or non-technical individual can get well-versed with the deployment models interpreting well the relationships with the existing customers. 

And one more thing, to gift yourself with AWS Big Data specialty, you should have 5 years of experience (minimum) in the data-analytics field and also, at least 2 yrs of experience in designing a cost-efficient AWS technology-based architecture along with a strong background in defining AWS Big Data services. All you need to do is validate your big-data abilities through this brilliant Amazon AWS Big Data Certification prominently revolving around AI, NLP, & ML to interpret evaluation metrics with much accuracy and flexibility.  

4. Dell EMC Data Science Certification 

This professional Data Science Certification by Dell EMC helps an individual attach theories and methods of advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence analytics to his/her core strengths only at 200 US Dollars. Undoubtedly you will be trained on big data methods and data analytics lifecycle for creating effective data visualizations. Moreover, you will be involved with role-specific training so that you can make informed decisions while working with storage management or cloud infrastructure teams.

Also, after the certification gets completed, you will feel much confident while attending an interview because now, you have the credentials through which you can handle data vulnerabilities, of any of the technology-focused organizations, which if not patched on time, destroys enter-level networks. So, you must start accessing helpful information about the certification to develop your knowledge and experience with implementing IT solutions through programming, security capabilities offered by this Dell EMC certification and drive various software frameworks successfully.

5. TensorFlow Developer Certification 

TensorFlow Developer certification, whose cost is 100 US Dollars, is designed intentionally to test the foundational level skill of a developer, student, or a Data Scientist proficiently integrating neural networks, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and real-world image data into tools and applications. Thinking about the prerequisites which you need to fulfill to complete this certification!! Well, you should make yourself comfortable with ML, Deep Learning foundational principles, practically building and training other data science models in Tensor Flow 2 to solve the existing business challenges with a thorough understanding of how and when they apply the ML, NLP algorithms for increasing the overall efficiency?, and exploring strategies that prohibit overfitting in ML models and also manage well the augmented dropouts.

What else is stopping you from preparing the environment in which you apply for this foundational-level developer certification and use the framework of Tensor Flow to run predictive ML, NLP analytics with appropriate manipulation of data-flow graphs and artificially intelligent libraries of any of the latest versions of Tensor Flow?   

6. IBM Data Science Professional Certification 

This IBM Data Science Professional Certification will help you become job-ready by letting you learn the most popular tools of data science and the other features packed with beginner-level knowledge of Machine Learning, Data Visualization techniques, and robust Deep Learning algorithms. Besides, this certification is giving you unlimited access to all of its 10 courses at 39 US Dollars (for one month and learning data science at least 20 hours per week), 82 US Dollars (for 3 months and learning data science at least 11 hours per week), and 117 US Dollars (for 6 months and learning at least 6 hours per week) so that you can apply the learnings offered by this certification as per your ability of understanding and implementing analytical concepts bound to critical thinking and artificial intelligence. Thinking if I will be able to build Python projects or the ones related to Artificial Intelligence or Deep Learning!! 

Yes, as soon as you reach the sixth course of this certification program, you may expect building projects like Emotion Recognition, Fake News Detection, Forest Fire Prediction, etcetera synchronizable with IBM cloud. So, all you need to do now is getting hooked up with practical skills this IBM Certification is teaching you in an industry-relevant manner for better recognition of the proficiency (of yours) in addressing the real-time data problems and solving them with the data science skills delivered by this certification in a recognized way.

7. SAS Certified Data Scientist 

SAS Global Certification Program is the answer of how can I become a certified Data Scientist mastered with sharp skills of programming languages R, Python, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript, secrets about ML and various Data Visualization models, and creating complex data management models for driving business decisions in a planned way. Indeed, this program whose actual cost is more than 180 Dollars comprises three basic pathways.

The first pathway is Data Curation Professional and it is having 4 courses, whereas the second pathway is Advanced Analytics Professional and it has 9 courses. And the third pathway which is AI and Machine Learning Professional has 5 courses. Besides, there are other additional resources provided like the Certification Professional directory and Certification Community to answer well any of the questions you may frequently ask either related to Machine Learning, Data Visualization, or Deep Learning. So, instead of looking for some credentials which can boost your resume, you better navigate the topics included in this prominent SAS program and gain a solid understanding of advanced data analytics technologies uninterruptedly through the courses tailored well with any of the program’s three basic pathways.


Data Science is one of the emerging technology, whose demand is increasing in the software industry. Data Science is used to create models that is trained on the past data and is used to take decision for the business. So, learning Data Science to grab a handsome salary job is a good option to go with. Since it is a high demand job with good salary package, it also demand high skilled data scientist with good understanding of Python and Concepts related to Data Science. So, if you want to be a data scientist then you can go for the above discussed course.

FAQs on Data Science Certifications

1. What are the top Data Science Certifications?

Some of the top Data Science Certifications are:

1. Google Professional Data Engineer Certification 
2. Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification
3. Amazon AWS Big Data Certification 
4. Dell EMC Data Science Certification 
5. TensorFlow Developer Certification 

2. Is data Science Certificate Worth it?

Yes, Data Science certifications are worth because it is used to idetenfy a candidate whether a candate is worth giving the responsibilities or not related to Data Scientist and Machinece learning.

3. What skills can I expect to gain from Data Science Certification?

Multiple sills including Programming language(Python/R), machine learning, data analytics and tools like TensorFlow, Azure, and SAS can be expected from the Data Science certification and it majorly depends on the chosen certification.

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