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ThoughtWorks Interview Experience for Application Developer-Graduate Consultant (Off-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2021
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The selection process included 4 rounds, first one was online test on HackerRank platform and other 3 rounds were zoom interviews.

So following is the detailed interview experience:

Round 1: It was happened on HackerRank Platform, 3 Coding questions of mix of Medium & Easy Level were there, 8-10 MCQs related to Computer Science Subjects and guess the output of code in different programming languages were there with 6-8 aptitude MCQs. Duration of test was 120 mins and I was able to solve all the 3 programming questions completely.

Within a week I got a mail, that I am selected for the Interview and after 10-15 days my first interview was scheduled.

Round 2: It was a code-pairing round where one programming question was given and we were expected to solve that using oops concepts. 

  • The question was like we have to generate total bill amount for the customer who ordered different food items from the hotel. Conditions like different type of delivery charges depending on the situation and different number of items with different prices etc were given. I was able to solve the problem early so they extended the problem after that and in the end they asked me questions related to my projects. Interview lasted for 90 mins and venue was zoom platform, where 2 thoughtworkers joined me during this round.
  • Within 2 hours I got the result that I am selected for next round and the next round happened on the next day.

Round 3: It was technical Interview round, where I got 5 programming questions of Medium level one by one to solve [ Practice  Data Structures and Algorithms specially Arrays, Linked  Lists, Stack, Queues and Trees]. 

  • After this they asked me questions related to OOPs concepts like polymorphism, its types, Function Overloading and Overriding etc. and then they gave me a question to describe oops concepts using examples with code. Next they described the schema of 4 to 5 tables of a Database and asked me to write 4-5 queries in MySQL. Later they asked me questions related to my project. Interview lasted for 90 mins on zoom, where 2 thoughtworkers joined me during this round.
  • Again within 2 hours I got the result that I am selected for next Round that happened on next day.

Round 4: It was Social Change & Leadership Round, where a senior product manager of ThoughtWorks joined me, Usually this round was to understand my thinking if I fit for the cultural values of ThoughtWorks. Be yourself and describe yourself fully during this round .

On the same day I received Mail from ThoughtWorks that I am selected. Yippee!!!!!

Verdict: Selected

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