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Related Articles

ThoughtWorks Interview Experience for Consultant Application Developer (2 Years Experienced)
  • Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2021

I applied through LinkedIn and got a call from ThoughtWorks HR on the next immediate day. I was asked about my details and my interest in a job change. I was also asked to tell something about the company which was an embarrassing moment since I didn’t go through it. I told her frankly that sorry I was not aware of the same. She was gentle and gave an introduction about thoughtworks and informed me that the interview process will be initiated for me. So the interesting process started in this way 🙂

Round 1(Pair Programming Round): This was an face to face round where a developer from thoughtworks joined with me for evaluation and pair programming.This round is all about testing my Object-Oriented Concepts.Five minutes before the interview HR shared me the PDF which contains the problem statement.So the task is tp design the solution for the given problem using OOPS concepts and code for the given solution from the scratch in my comfortable IDE. The following is the problem given for me.

  1. BattleShip Game

I personally felt the question difficult 

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