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ThoughtWorks Interview Experience for Application Developer (2 Years Experienced)

  • Last Updated : 04 Nov, 2020

I applied through LinkedIn. After a week, I got a call from HR.

Telephonic Screening Interview (30 mins): Basic OOPS Concepts, Modularity, Clean Code, SOLID Principles, Design Pattern

Technical Interview 1 Pair Programming Round (2 hrs): A concrete problem statement was given (Sales Tax Problem). I was asked to show the output at the end.

  1. Keywords: #StrategyPattern, #FactoryPattern, #SOLIDPrinciples
  2. Resources:

Technical Interview 2 – Problem Solving Round (1 hr): I was asked a few questions about the current projects that I’m working on. Few questions from Cryptography as one of my college projects had the Image Encryption module.

  1. Minimum Number of Platforms Required for a Railway/Bus Station.
  2. Given an array A[] and a number x, check for pair in A[] with sum as x.

Leadership & Social Change Interview (1 hr 30 mins) This was more like a behavioural/cultural fit round. A typical one.

  1. Keywords: #LGBTQ+, #Equality, #CSR
  2. Resources: 

Tip: Your personal thoughts on social issues matter a lot. Think of them through the victim’s/oppressed people’s mentality (always).

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