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Thorogood Interview Experience | Set 1

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Company Name: Thorogood
Location: Bangalore
Presence: India, UK, USA
Domain: Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant

Hello all,
Hope this interview experience will help you..

“Thorogood is all about analyzing your ANALYTICAL SKILLS”

First round:
Online exam (on Campus) — 1 hour
Focus was on your communication skills and analytical skills only.
Round consisted of 2 sections:
1. Communication / Essay writing (Standard questions related to working at Thorogood, opportunities that you think you will get during first year, and what is there in it for you)
2. 20-22 aptitude questions. Focused only on assessing analytical abilities, Data Interpretation, etc

Second Round:
F2F interview. ~45 mins
Dont expect much of Technical questions from entire interview process. I didn’t get any of it.
In this round your soft skills will be assessed. How have you behaved and managed in critical situation, what did you do to over come it, etc.

If qualified, you’ll be called for “All-Day Assessment” at Thorogood- Bangalore office.

Four rounds @Thorogood office:
Morning 9 – Evening 6

  1. Case study presentation (40 mins)- to assess analytical, communicational, and presentation skills
  2. Fact finding (40 mins) – Most interesting (Given a short scenario, and a question, you have to prepare a series of questions and ask the interviewer to answer them. You have to ask quality questions, answers to which will lead you towards a solid conclusion)
  3. Group activity (~1.5 hours) – To assess your team skills. This will be interesting too. Just don’t get carried away in putting your point. It’s not GD(fish market). 😛
  4. HR (20-30 mins) – This one is just duplication of the on-campus F2F round.

I didn’t get the offer. But experience was amazing. 🙂 So all the best guys. It is a decent company to work for..

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Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2016
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