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TCS NQT Digital Interview Experience

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NQT-Exam: My exam was scheduled on 17 – SEP- 2021 in morning slot. In this first part is cognitive  that is Numerical Ability –  26 Questions ,Reasoning Ability – 30 Questions, Verbal Ability –   24 Questions. In my slot Numerical Ability – medium level, Reasoning – easy – medium level.

  • I had practiced very well Aptitude and Reasoning so was able to manage this part easily where as verbal part I had not practiced but managed to write with some guess and with some moderate verbal skills . 
  • Next part is Programming Logic – 10 Questions c , java output based questions, SDLC , DS & Algorithm based questions I have very good practice on DS and Algorithm (thanks to GeeksforGeeks and CodeChef for their DS and Algorithm videos and blogs) I had written this part easily . 
  • Finally hand on coding part with two coding questions, 1 with 15 minutes and another with 30 minutes. 15 minutes one is easy, 30 minutes is also moderate. I  had solves both coding questions.

Note –  Some my friends for 30 mints questions even got dynamic programming question. 

Note 2 – Finally, TCS is against copying and TCS implements very strict plagiarism. so do not try telegram codes or any public codes. 

  • One of my friend copied both coding from telegram he was disqualified from process. even though you write very well in cognitive part if you copied on one questions form public platforms you may disqualify. 
  • There are some chances that you qualify for ninja even you have not solved one coding question.
  • The results were released after 10 days I were qualified for TCS Topper test .
  • my test is scheduled on 10th oct afternoon slot 1 hour test with 2 hour test window ( but you need to start test in before first 10 minutes )
  • first question is easy-medium greedy algorithm based question( CodeChef have very good collection of greedy algorithm based questions)
  • I had solved this question.
  • second one I had tried with recursive approach  but it had given TLE may be I need to optimise . finally time is up. I were not able to solve this question. I think it is a  dynamic programming question.
  • After 8 days the results were released I were shortlisted for TCS digital.

Note – Some of friends started test lately after 20 minutes like that due this they were not able take test. 

  • In TCS exam we encounter some times compilation issues the main reason for this is if  there is  any wrong in the code like syntax error, any type of errors we get compilation issue, it is noting but compiler does not what error is. 
  • I have observed this when I am solving first question after completion of code I had compiled it. it not showing output properly later I observed one error in my code and later I corrected it. for that I compiled it showed me executed successfully later this for conformation I compiled 3 – 4 compiled it showed correct output without any compilation errors.
  • so don’t panic try to check were is the error.

my TR and MR interview is scheduled on 22 – oct 


  • Self-intro.
  • Questions oops concepts.
  • Brief discussion on projects.
  • Question on SQL.
  • Some questions on python (because I said python is my primary language).

I had answered all questions.


  • Why should I hire you?
  • Why TCS?
  • Questions on hobbies?
  • Money or technology? what you will choose?
  • Why software industry as your are from ECE background.
  • What is toughest decision you have taken in your life?

Note – You should have good knowledge on what skills you have said in self intro almost all question were standard interview question only so don’t worry be cool.

After 2 days I received HR mail.


  • Document verification(10th marks, inter marks, verified BTECH marks on collage portal)
  • Asked about hobbies and family background I think they are check in my communication skills.
  • After 6 days results were 13 students were selected for digital rest 50 students were selected ninja

Note: There is high chance of selection for digital package if solve you both coding in first NQT exam (both 30 minutes question and 15 minutes question) and with good cognitive score .if you not solved  it does not mean that you will not be selected digital package there is some less probability .

Verdict – Selected for digital package.

TCS Topper Test:

  • 1st question: There is one bike  race going on and there are some stops in the race in that stops the racer will get some penalty he can skip that stop with penalty of min(y, penalty of that stop ) he can skip maximum of two consecutive stops) we need to minimise overall sum of penalty  but we does not skip 1’st and last stop .
  • Input:- x (size of penalty array),  y value, array of penalty)
  • Algorithm:- Taken res variable added 1st and last stop penalty as it is mandatary now I sorted array in descending order. if value is greater than  y I skip this with min(y, penalty ) and keep one counter so I can skip only two consecutive stops. so finally I printed res variable

Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2023
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