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TCS Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2019

Technical Round:
After Clearing TNQT 2020, I got an interview call from TCS at Gitanjali Park Kolkata. In my panel, there were two panelists (probably TR and MR) but both asked me from Technical.

  1. Which type of songs do you listen?
  2. Why this type of song?
  3. Asked about my projects in details. Asked me to explain each of my projects with diagram and code.
  4. What is an anomaly?
  5. What are the types of anomalies? Explain with an example.
  6. How to avoid anomalies?
  7. DDL, DML commands
  8. Drop, Delete and Truncate difference.
  9. What is schema?
  10. What is table de<ni=on?
  11. What is namespace in Python?
  12. What is the view?
  13. One interviewer drew two tables and asked me to write the view query.
  14. What is data redundancy?
  15. How data redundancy can lead to data inconsistency? Explain with example.
  16. He wrote one array and one intermediate step of a merge sort algorithm, then he asked me to explain how “Merge” func=on will work after that step.

HR Round: That HR guy grilled me a lot. He told me about the bond and service agreement, eligibility, etc. Then he asked me why I will not go for CTS and why TCS? CTS was giving higher package than TCS  (He knew there was a CTS drive in our college before TCS interview). In this topic, only 20 minutes went. Worst HR experience ever.

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