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TCS Digital Interview Experience 2020 (Through NQT-1 For premium Colleges)

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We came to know that TCS will conduct their recruitment drive for TCS digital again via their National Recruitment Drive for premium colleges. 

Step 1: It was an online test conducted on 3rd and 4th October. On 3rd October, there was a section that consists of 15 quant questions and 15 verbal questions. Every question has a negative marking of -0.66 and +2 if the answer is correct. (So personally I think it will be better if you answer only when you are 100% sure). I answered 8-9 questions from each of the sections. On 4th October, there was a coding round consisting of 2 questions. The questions were at the same level as codevita questions. I did one coding question completely.

Step 2 (Interview): On 9th October, I came to know that I was shortlisted for the interview and the interview was scheduled for 12th October. The interview was on the Microsoft Teams platform. When I joined the meeting, one person verified my id card and then forwarded the call to other interviewers.

Now, one person starts asking questions. He first told me to introduce myself. I mentioned my technical interests and also about hobbies. As I am a sports lover and also write sports articles in some magazines, he then discussed some football-related things. Then he asked me what is my favorite subject and then asked what is big data. Later he asked me from which state I belong.

                        Now another interviewer started questioning. She started with the technical questions. As I mentioned earlier that I am interested in Machine Learning she asked about the difference between AI and ML and about predictive modeling and the main three learning techniques (supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement) of ML. She then asked me to write two codes. 

  1. Print Fibonacci numbers up to 10th term both in normal as well in reverse order. 
  2. Find vowels in a string in reverse order. Then she asked me some conceptual questions from BST and AVL tree and some sorting related questions (which sort is best and why etc). 

Then she told me to discuss my projects (I had 2 ML related projects).

Step 3 (HR): Finally, she asked me two HR questions.

  1. You have good academic records then why you want to do the job? 
  2. You said you want to do research after a few years of experience than what will TCS gain from you as they will provide you the opportunity to do masters and get nothing in return. ( Then I answered that TCS have R & D labs and in the future, I can do research there also).

 In the end, the person who checked the id card also verified the mark sheets of the semester. Finally, today the results are out and I came to know that I got TCS Digital offer.  🙂 

Out of 107 shortlisted students, 27 got Digital, and 33 got Ninja offer from our college. 

Tips: Be calm, the interview is not very difficult. Believe me, few days back I was also very tensed as my communication skill is not that good also I was unplaced till that point ( even till this evening ). Interviewers are friendly. Having at least one project on any of the advanced topics like ML/Bigdata/Cloud Computing/Blockchain etc will help you a lot. Though the project is not necessary. But they expect you at least basic knowledge of any one of the advanced technologies, Core stream students like students from Electrical, Chemical branch also got the Digital offer. So the project is not mandatory. Just be calm and relaxed and clearly say “NO’ when you don’t know an answer.

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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